Noticed some of your tiles are higher than others? Do you want your floor flattened to improve the aesthetics, keep from chipping the edges, and facilitate limestone cleaning? Marble Polishing of Orlando can grind away the excess limestone to restore a flat level surface using the latest state-of-the-art machinery in conjunction with diamond abrasives and a natural polishing compound. Never do we use coatings or a “crystallization” process as many companies do.


Have you noticed dull areas in your traffic areas? This is typically associated with what is commonly referred to as wear patterns, scratches, etches and so forth. Marble Polishing ng Orlando can repair these surfaces by either “honing” or polishing your limestone to eliminate these blemishes. The surface is then polished or honed to the desired finish leaving you with the memories of your new floor once again.





Matuto Nang Higit Pa:

  • Limestone Cleaning
  • Limestone Grout Cleaning
  • Limestone Hole and Crack Repair
  • Limestone Honing
  • Limestone Maintenance
  • limestone Polishing
  • Limestone Restoration
  • Limestone Sealing
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