Saltillo tiles are usually sealed with a topical sealer or surface coating upon installation. This protective coating wears out without periodic maintenance. When the coating deteriorates and begins to crack and chip, it loses its ability to repel stains, oils, kir, and other contaminates. Soon thereafter the tiles and pavers become a candidate for refinishing.

Stripping Saltillo

Stripping is done using a series of solvent or water based products suitable for the removal of the specific type of sealer on the saltillo, or terracotta tiles and brick pavers. Many sealers require very caustic, solvent-based strippers for their removal, while others will strip using gentler water based products. It is here that Marble Polishing of Orlando’s expertise and experience comes into play: each job is different. Once the tiles have been fully stripped and detailed, they can be treated as though they were a new installation, allowing for coloring, staining, sealing and finishing as desired.

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