Slate Grout Cleaning

The majority of clients that call us with Saltillo are under the impression that merely cleaning their Slate tile will restore it back to a like new condition. Often times, this simply is not possible. The initial problem lies with the fact that many Slate floors have a topical sealer on them. A topical sealer is what creates the shine versus a raw tile that is very porous and matte looking.

How Can I Get My Slate Grout Clean?

Depending on how much abuse your floor has had and the length of time in between having it serviced professionally serviced by a competent company will dictate this. Please see our page for Slate Restoration page for a more in-depth overview of the process.
Where your slate has not had a topical sealer applied cleaning the grout is much more straightforward. In addition, in instances where an enhancer has been applied cleaning the slate grout is most often much easier.

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