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How Can You Maximize The Beauty and Elegance of Your Marble Surfaces?

Marble SpallingMarble is in high demand in the elegant and modern homes of Orlando. From floor and wall tiles to counter tops, fireplaces and stairways it is a beautiful statement in any setting. Marble will last a long time if its elegant beauty is properly maintained. Over time, dirt, stains, scratches and etch marks need to be addressed professionally. When your marble loses its glamorous lustre, it needs the expert touch from Marble Polishing of Orlando.

Marble cleaning is a complicated and detailed process. Before you allow a company to clean or perform any type of restorative process, make sure they are properly trained in the art of natural stone cleaning. Cleaning any natural stone tile surface using acidic solutions will cause damage. It will also cause it to lose its natural shine. We understand the unique needs of natural stone. Our company utilizes the industries best tools and products to revive and protect your marble surfaces.

What You Can Expect

Our technicians will perform a detailed inspection of all your “trouble areas” with you when they arrive to your home. This allows us to fully understand what end result you are looking to achieve. We will provide an in-depth explanation of our suggested treatment options. We want to make sure you understand exactly what we will be doing and we can deliver your expected results.

Upon completion of our thorough cleaning and restoration services, we will explain the maintenance and regular cleaning regimen you can perform yourself. This will help you to prolong the effects of a professional cleaning. We always recommend the use of a penetrating sealer to fully protect your marble. Especially in high foot traffic areas to protect against wear and tear, stains, dirt and anything else life can throw at it. By keeping up with your regular cleaning and maintenance, you will be able to avoid more frequent and costly professional cleaning. Maximizing the lifespan of the surfaces. Make your marble come to life! Give us a call today to see if we can help restore the beauty of your homes natural stone surfaces.

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Marble Polishing of Orlando has been servicing the Florida area for several decades and our commitment to service is unmatched. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is three fold.

1. We will be Courteous
2. Our Proposals will be Fair
3. We use the highest quality products!

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