Travertine Grout Cleaning


Cleaning travertine grout most often will transform your entire floor. The following factors are critical to keep your grout clean and not degrading the sealer.


• You are bringing dirt into your home from outside. This can mean your walkways, garage etc. are not being kept clean of debris.


Marble Entry Steps covered in Leaves and debris

This Debris is being tracked into the home.
This will cause your floors to rapidly re-soil and wear.


• Door mats inside and outside of entrances are not being used or are not being kept clean.


• When mopping your travertine floor, you are not properly dust mopping. Thus, you are pushing the soil down into the grout lines.


• Your dust mop or mop is not being kept clean.



What’s Wrong with Using Vinegar & Water to Clean My Travertine Grout?


To begin with, vinegar is acidic. Using vinegar and water will slowly eat away at the sealer and render your grout sealing investment null and void. Other myths abound on the Internet about using bleach and a whole host of other products. Using a bleaching type product will strip the pigment of the grout and cause larger problems.


An even bigger problem is that travertine is a calcite based stone. Acids and calcium do not mix. You will dull or even etch your travertine floor. Some form of restoration will be required at that point.


Following Marble Polishing of Orlando’s guidelines will safeguard you from unnecessary risks.



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