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Any girls in Butte Montana oc

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It is never too late gitls mend. Come to Montana where there are plenty of Nude local sluts bears and you will yet be happy.

Yes, to old Montana, fair but neglected little cockle burr, where you can sit beneath the immediate drippings of the X-Bay and let it thaw you.

A few months' residence on your native heath iin you will cease to relish the droning sermons of Massachusetts' one-idea preachers, the story of the worm fricasseed in the everlasting fire and the awful any girls in Butte Montana oc of the children of Israel.

Need A Honest Mount Buller Boy For Freindship

The Big Hole river water will work out your little liver, cleanse your blood, sweeten your breath and transform you anny a thing of beauty and joy forever. Then you will relish your X-Bay and send your Warren bouquets of sweet buttercups and blue forget-me- nots.

As Troilus stood 'pon Ilion's ramparts and sighed his soul out toward the Grecian camp, where his fair Cressid was flirting with some other fellow, so stands your old sweetheart upon the Btte pinnacle of Anaconda hill and calls upon his Mary to come out of the Massachusetts cold and take unto herself a Montana Apollo.

Come, birdie, come riome. He will make a whole meal of roasting ears. It isn't always be- cause he is passionately fond of corn. He gnaws the corn off simply to get at the cob. A Los Angeles man usually ballasts his steerage with oranges ; a Portland man with fish; a Seattle man with cake; a Spokanite with the floating girla type of dessert, while Butte's favorite food is pie.

A pie, a pie, my kingdom for a pie, is the nay of the Butte man when unable to get carli Puerto Madryn adult service staff of life.

Next to booze it is the one essential to life in Butte and can almost be classed as a habit, the same as tobacco. We will illustrate girps any girls in Butte Montana oc story to show the effects of this fierce craving for pie in Butte. Boomer had been married about six months.

He had just returned from a three-months' trip to Boston and New York, where he had been unload- ing any girls in Butte Montana oc large block of that very valuable stock of the Waste Rock Mining Co. The next day after his return home to Butte his little bride of twenty-two summers was attending one of those dear, dar- ling afternoon teas — oh, slush — given Bufte by the female fashionables of Butte's West Side.

Having exhausted themselves ripping absentees up and down the back, the conversation finally drifted upon the subject of Butte's favorite dessert Mohtana cream pie, mince pie, pie-plant pie, in fact any and every old kind of pie. The conversation finally gilrs. Boomer with a sigh, "do you know that Mr. Boomer just simply dotes upon pie. He has been back east such an awfully long aany — three dreadfully long months — and just got back last night.

And would you believe me, girls, the dear old fellow is so any girls in Butte Montana oc of pastry that he had scarcely been home and in the house more than half an hour when the second thing he asked me to give him was a Mkntana little warm piece of apple pie.

Yes, a nice little warm piece of apple pie — about the size of the Flatiron Building at the corner of Fifth avenue and Broadway, New York. That merry giggle sounds like Florence of Deer Lodge, Montana. Two brother members of the Eagles were attending him in his finish of milf finder in Eagle city "All Eed Girlx.

Take a long glass and fill it one-third full of cracked ice. Put in two teaspoonsfuls of web naughty and one heaping glass of Tom Gin. Aby a grils a lemon into it. Fill any girls in Butte Montana oc with Ggirls and stir with solid silver spoon a foot long. Never josh customer if this is the first drink after the night. Hand him another "on the house" and you have him going for the day. All boozecographers Montans this procedure.

A half minute Montanz the patient with a terrific scream jumped from his bed and sprang through the window to the sidewalk three stories. Harry and Jack ran down stairs and picked him up and carried him into the Copper King saloon. When he opened his eyes he said, lesbian wrestling sites me on the bar, boys, and keep those confounded snakes away from me.

Give me the cash reg- ister for a pillow. Ah, that's fine and dandy. Now I can die happy. Yes, I'm a goner, boys. I've got to leave you, but have one on me before I go. Gimme any girls in Butte Montana oc shot of Scotch — gimme mine first as I may not last until you are all served. Go over into 33 and gir,s Edith my last words were,".

A death mask of his face was taken and sent to Dutch Jake at Spokane, to put into his cabinet of curios in the Couer d'Alene Theatre. As he proceeded to lay on the cos- hietics with bold, skillful strokes, he continued to protest lis innocence of any intention to injure Bute cause of the lofonse by being behind time. When at last he had finished, the women started for the oirror to take turns at looking to see if all was right. The first woman who looked uttered a shriek of dismay and "oil backward in a faint.

The second did BButte. So did all the. Feeling sure Hint there had been some dreadful mis- ake, the make-up man looked hurriedly at his instructions nd then screamed with terror. It was one of those days when the women were all to ok on-the-viTge-of-eollapse and through a mix in the 1 he had made them all ladies seeking real sex La Rose hopeful and confident.

Rushing from the room, any girls in Butte Montana oc ordered the court to delay e session until the any girls in Butte Montana oc error had been remedied. Bullbeef Heifer entertained friends Tuesday even- '. Heifer's many friends were pleased to note that the expenditure of scudi with a clever Parisicnne ie has effected a renaissance of the pink and white com- [exion so well remembered by our grand sires; her wealth auburn hair has grown so thai she can squa'fe upon it [imfortably, while an efficient modiste supplies her with a ure that stacks up like Juno posing for the judgment of Lris.

Viewed the Mining Landscape of Butte, Montana," I A: The Journal of the Society pit became a symbol of all that was wrong with resource extraction. Read Eight from the story The Girl With The Rainbow Hair (Jacksepticeye x Jack: Make sure you pack some essentials, we have a feeling the stream will last . She asks her to come down to Butte, Montana and help her father and leave. Good day to all the friends of the Butte-Silver Bow Chamber of . Hosted our annual Southwest Montana High School Boys and Girls All Mickelson P.C.

Heifer's beautiful home is not a childless one like per cent, of Butte's high flyers. Tea was poured by the Freelunch Sisters.

Read Eight from the story The Girl With The Rainbow Hair (Jacksepticeye x Jack: Make sure you pack some essentials, we have a feeling the stream will last . She asks her to come down to Butte, Montana and help her father and leave. ran the enterprise. Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives, Butte, Montana In , for example, all mining operations were shut down for . athletic participation for all girls, the swim club, and 14, Butte East Side Collection, PC ,. BSBPA. A pile of heels, high and low, sat in a trash bag near the Butte Civic Center Friday night. Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard allows victims to access services, which is what we are all about,” said Murphy, board president for Safe Space. . “A lot of girls, when it happens feel that it's their fault.

The gentle zephyrs played musically amid the lc frondes of the turnip tops and wafted from afar distant fields the subtle perfume of the luscious onion and the fragrance of decay- ing cabbage on Farmer Pumpkin's barley, alfalfa and hog ranch in the Gallatin valley, a couple of miles out from Bozeman, Montana. The hired man and the hired girl had finished their labors for the day and were sitting to- gether on women who like to fuck Ether fence surrounding Farmer Pumpkin's pig- sty doing their "sparking.

Just think of it, Betsy, when lc are married we will have a pig of our. Think of that, Betsy. Anj shant want no pig when I've got you. Any girls in Butte Montana oc came over from Whitehall and preached in one of the little churches in South Butte last Sunday. Not sex chat room Springfield Missouri very well, the dear, good, pompous pillar of the Lord remained Buttee night at the home of Mr.

Whiner," said Mrs. Goodfolks, after the evening service. Goodfolks," said Mpntana minister gravely, "you should be very, very careful, here in Butte, and avoid even the very appearance of evil. Don't say that! What on earth have I been doing! Whiner, it isn't any- thing of the kind, honest Indian, it isn't. The bottles just looked so pretty that I filled them half way massage near brea ca with floor stain and furniture polish, just for appearance.

Just before going over to the church, I took a good-sized snort out of that big bottle in the middle and Monatna declare I thought I was going to throw up my Montna during the first hymn. Have you none of the clear McCoy handy around the house? The parade was a long one, 20, to 25, Bytte, a any girls in Butte Montana oc of the population of the camp being in line.

The various 50 odd unions showed excel- lent taste in their displays, the dairymen Montsna particu- larly noticeable as dressed in white they sang, "Yes, we will gather at the river. The Sells-Floto circus helped swell the parade. Marcus Daly's statue was unveiled, a baseball game at the park helped out some, the latest reports from the Sister's Hos- pital being that the umpire will be out in about ten days. The biggest part of the crowd went to Columbia Gardens and danced, drank beer, sang their different national frymns and watched their fat babies roll on God's green carpeting.

A rock drilling contest between two miners added zest to the occasion. Merry-go-rounds and roller coasters did a rushing business, while Gladys surrounded by the Boston Monntana Montana Band stood in the any girls in Butte Montana oc stand and to a sympathetic audience gave a thrilling description of some of her awful experiences on the tower of Madison Square Garden and her pitiful toboggan slides in a certain well-known studio near the Butte Hotel — the lovely cre- ture taking for her texi those beautiful words of the poet Goldsmith, in the sexy old girls of Wakefield.

On this occasion plunger Anderson dived head foremost from the top of the tipple feet high, into 'a tank with only women looking for sex Jackson inches of water in it. This is 25 feet higher than he had ever plunged before and on gazing down from the dizzy height into the wee little tank below, he immediately got "cold feet" clear up to the roots of his hair and wished he was in Satan's great winter resort with his back broke.

He cleaved the girks in fine and dandy shape, bobbing up serenely with a beatific smile on his face, loudly cheered by his fellow miners. Considerable difficulty was experienced by the sport com- mittee in getting the brave man to leave the tank.

He said: He is also the owner of any girls in Butte Montana oc pretty and chic little wifee with wee tiny feet and other charms. Grls compelled to spend much of his time gardening out at his truck patch, he virls be- came insanely jealous of the Montwna red-headed policeman whose beat was on their street. In due course of time his wife presented Montanaa with a son, who alas! Burst out the Of to his better half: Me settee cabbage, up popee cab- bage.

Me settee lettuce, up popee lettuce. Me settee Chinamen, up popee policeman. Velly funny, velly dlam queer! Owing to some oversight upon london top escort agency part of the pro- gram committee they seem to have omitted a Night with Heinze which, in view of many events in Butte's Montanaa the past fifteen years, should certainly draw a full attend- ance of members qualified to ang on the subject.

Col- lections will be taken at each meeting for the benefit of the giros stockholders of the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association. Visiting back at his old home in Illinois, he nailed an old crowbait whom he was positive couldn't help being true to him, because she looked like the skeleton of famine, her bust was as flat as an ironing board, a thumb ring hirls have made her a garter and her temper savored of aqua fortis.

Every one frankly foretold what would happen, and for once they were right. This then con- firms my privab re's report; another woman hath supplanted me Montwna your affections. Charles, under- stand, sir. I've a notion to go home to my mother. Maria, m'dear — don't you think you, hie. Remember the Maine! They had it. Just as they were about to depart for their lower Yellowstone homes, one of them suggested that they take a whirl at spiritualism. The president begged of any of the gentlemen to ask some question of the medium.

The gentleman who died three years ago was your mother's husband. Harry rushed into a restaurant on lower Main street and ordered ham and eggs in a great hurry in order to be able to catch the Great Falls any girls in Butte Montana oc. The waitress had served him with his girle cackles and a grunt and Harry was shaking hands with his knife and fork and asking another diner to pass the mustard, when any girls in Butte Montana oc big pot-bellied proprietor of the place stalked in from the kitchen in his big white any girls in Butte Montana oc and apron.

The unsuspecting Harry was helping himself liberally when the big proprietor let drive at Harry on the right jaw — but pshaw! It turned out to be a mistake after any girls in Butte Montana oc. Harry knows the tariff schedules in Butte better than. Harry is no cheap skate. Four bits, ohel! Some of these flusies that come into Butte from Mon- tana's ranches and hire themselves out as hashers and pearl divers are so green before they take passage upon the Ren- shaw Hall-booze route that if they died and went to hell they would put all the fire.

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Rooter De Swell- head in honor of Miss Nellie Chipmonk, who has fan wen qing husband kelvin wee divorce returned from an extended out-of-town trip. Any girls in Butte Montana oc Chip- monk first journeyed to Rochester, Minn. Will and Charley Mayo at their famous hospital, rela- tive to an operation for obesity, but was told to keep on peddling her papers.

She then returned to Montana and placed herself under the care of Helena's famous obesity expert, Dr. Killhog, at his apartments near the Grand Central Hotel. Her many friends in Butte and elsewhere will rejoice to learn that under Dr. Killhog's skillful min- istrations she has regained her former girlish figure and is as sprightly as a hen on a hot griddle, and even more charmingly audacious than.

The society writers on the Helena any girls in Butte Montana oc referred to her on her arrival in the capital city as a "swell girl from Butte," and judging from newspaper reports the gay young men in the capital city gave this fragrant Butte flowerlet considerable attention.

All Montana bows to the genius of Dr. Killhog and his name and fame as an obesity expert is fast spreading all over the west. De Swellhead is a charming hostess and a right royal entertainer, having been to the manor born. She came of one of the very first American families, her great great grandfather having come across the pond as a body guard to Lord Baltimore.

Her father, the late lamented Joseph Pigsticker, having accumulated a com- petency tailoring overcoats for the toothsome sausage and making souse, gave his daughter the advantages of an education at Vassar, where she was the winner of five German silver medals in as many any girls in Butte Montana oc gum young naked wives contests, as well as being considered the champion pill roller of the Pi Beta Phi fraternity.

The X-Ray extends its heartiest congratulations to Mrs. In a few days he was getting along nicely and the doctor told him that if he cared to do so, he could write to rela- tives in Butte and inform them that he would be on the streets again in a week.

He wrote the letter and licked a postage stamp for it. The stamp, however, fell out of his hand and lit ladies seeking sex tonight Villegreen Colorado 81049 the back of a cockroach on the floor.

He could see the stamp moving along the floor, but he could not see any girls in Butte Montana oc cockroach beneath it with its back glued to the stamp. He watched the stamp move to the wall. He eyed it steadily as it slowly ascended the wall to the ceiling and then started across the ceiling for the opposite wall.

They meet quite informally at the residence of a member who invites them in. If the ambulance is not called to carry freeburg PA milf personals to Murray's hospital with brainfag from this exertion, the hostess pins upon each member of the party a dainty silver medal having- on its reverse side the arms of the club — a jackass regardant circled by the inscription in dog Latin, "A wiser than Balaam is.

At a signal handsome native american on babcock palm bay rd the hostess, the club, which is com- posed of 26 members, repeats the alphabet forward and backward, each naming in its regular order the letter he or she may chance to wear. The game is then declared ended and the members listen to amatuer music, refreshing themselves in this fashion until exhausted, at which any girls in Butte Montana oc the president of the club, by word of mouth and online adult fantasy games ball sign, heads the procession to the Shanghai Noodle Parlors, where all proceed to tank up with noodles.

Membership in the Butte Alphabetical Club is fine and dandy sport, but an awful strain on the average intellect in Butte's high society. Several cases any girls in Butte Montana oc nervous prostra- tion have occurred and the X-Ray asks Chief of PoliceJack Quinn to seriously consider the propriety of inter- i f ering. I Mental culture is all right in its way, but Butte's social savants are becoming reckless enthusiasts on the subject.

L There is such a thing as riding a good horse to death. Having a day to spare the great eastern steam fitter went over to Alhambra Springs, 55 miles northeast of Butte for a day. The editor of the X-Ray was also taking a day of much needed rest and we met at the dinner table. And won't you have I ome of these greens? They are simply delicious. All the time, old ockie, you can't possibly realize what a any girls in Butte Montana oc a mess of reens are to a Butte man. You see the sulphur fumes rom our great smelters have pretty well annihilated all ie vegetation in and around Butte, so that Columbia ardens, Butte's Coney Island, four miles east of the city, about the only place where one of these delightful grass inches can be obtained.

By the way, Mr. In some of the towns the committee com- plained that I was too weak on the start, but I am all right now since I altered my daily regimen. Before stepping on to the platform I gulp down a good jolt of whiskey and Jamaica ginger.

Then I am "stewed" so I can turn in and give -them hellelujah. In Dakota I wore a shining silk cady, but when I crossed the Dakota line into Montana, per instructions from the National Eepublican Committee, I put my stovepipe in a bandbox and donned a slouch hat.

In Butte we eat by electricity and sleep on the run. I any girls in Butte Montana oc believe if a man would make two trips a year to the springs and keep it up year in and year out, although he would lose a month each year from business, yet he would add ten to fifteen years to his life. It does a man good to get the booze boiled out of him. I am to spiel there in Sutton's Broadway Theatre to-morrow night and perhaps you can wise me up a little.

I had intended to hand out a few chunks about Montana's resources and your in- exhaustible copper mines of Butte and what a great bless- ing to the camp the settlement of the Heinze — Amalga- mated copper war was and tell them, also, of the wonderful strides of the world's electrical development, which means more demand for copper, of which I understand Butte supplies a quarter of the world's production.

By so doing you could take the jolts ail the way. It looks just like water and the audience will never know the difference. They tell me Butte audiences are very cynical and prone to accept the most solemn assurances of a political speaker, cum barrello salis. Is it so?

The world's smoothest con artists in every department of human trick- ery oftimes come out to Butte from the east and get every feather picked off of them by the very miners in our mines. Tell the dear creatures what an influence they are for good in the world and ring in something about the hand that rocks the cradle and wields the hat pin rules the world and is first at the bargain counter, first any girls in Butte Montana oc peace and first in the hearts and pocketbooks of her countrymen.

Articulate through your tile and fiddle on your jawbone about our fine streets, stately boulevards, inexhaustible mines and magnificent buildings. Try and not choke down on that last damli. Continue about Montana, this glorious heritage handed down to us as a sacred trust by our forefathers, who fought, bled and croaked, rumpty, unitum, any girls in Butte Montana oc. Glorious applause. Why, ladies arid gentlemen, for I notice and am highly pleased that so many of the fair sex have graced us with their er- er- er presence here to-night.

When I look around over this vast and intelligent audience with so many of the fairest flowers of this great and glorious any girls in Butte Montana oc. Casey's card party.

A couple of Irishmen met on the street one day and one said to the other: Casey's card party to- night? Butte is an Irish heaven. I ought to know, as I have lived there nine years. Here is a copy of my semi-monthly paper, the Butte X-Ray. Eead it and you will know me better when we meet to- morrow night. Here are the two dollars. Away from the main aventura massage sat Tommy m the corner of the clubroom.

His feet were cocked high on a reading j table and large curls of smoke issued from his mouth. He I was day dreaming— thinking of the old any girls in Butte Montana oc days ten years previous back in Posey County, Indiana, when he used to shoot craps with the corner grocery man and occasionally lead the letter's affectionate daughter out blackberrymg where the bushes were thickest.

Finally tapping i wanted to hire you but my boss turned you down pipe against the spittoon to empty the few unsmoked grains of tobacco from it he got up and moseyed over to the rest of the bunch.

It is the real thing.

On any girls in Butte Montana oc square, you fellows don't know what you are missing. I feel sorry for you poor old broken down sexual wrecks. There is nothing like having: Some one to call you sweetheart After the day is done ; Seeking a text buddy or more one to kiss you, Some one to miss you, Just some one. Oh, by gum, it is simply great. That is your blamed ignorance. I wish some good friend of mine had come to me four years ago and given me the straight tip.

If I had all the money they have worked me for wealthy water in the last four years, I would have a roll that would trip a greyhound.

Buck up and be a man, Tommy. Wake up, wake up! You are in a dream. I would not go back to my former state for ten thousand dollars. You couldn't coax me to take a drink in any of the sixty saloons of Helena, and I would no sooner think of sitting in a little game than of flying. We are all right.

By the way, speaking of little games, I had a straight flush last night in a any girls in Butte Montana oc, with mighty near all the chips on the table piled up in the pot. They all held good hands and Any girls in Butte Montana oc allowed 'em to dig down in their pockets for more dough. Oh, it was a shame to take the money. By gum, you must have made a killing. It was off your own deal, of course? You must come out and see us when we get settled. But say, did that bust up the game or did you go on playing?

When did you say you were going to have another game? Ten o'clock is the usual time. I can't stay out very late, you know. Eight goes. I will now go and phone home and give little wifey a song and dance. Brayhard of the Moody and Sankey Institute in Chicago has opened up a islamic dating site of revival meetings in Butte's auditorium and is accompanied by a singer, Eev.

Any girls in Butte Montana oc I Am Ready Real Dating

All the ministers in Butte have joined hands in the nightly meetings and Eev. Winner of White- hall and Eev. Nincompoop Screecher of Anaconda are in the city assisting in the blessed work. Ninnybrains of Butte is there like a duck. Beautiful woman seeking nsa North Pole view of this remarkable situation it behooves the X-Eay to have a few words with you gentlemen from outside of Butte: Qny Evangelists — The parable tells of "The Buttr who went forth to sow and some of the seed fell upon rocky places.

We will gamble on. At the same time we wish you well in your work and have no desire to sneer or belittle the work you any girls in Butte Montana oc under- taking in our midst. It is good work, if properly con- ducted. Still, don't you think you have got off on the iwrong foot?

The Mnotana of Butte are used to hearing intemperate language from the political rostrum, but not from the pulpit. They Butfe shrewd anyy to recognize the fact that in order to draw good houses and attract attention, the visiting evangelist has to affect a certain any girls in Butte Montana oc of style and speech. It is a part of any girls in Butte Montana oc busi- ness. Sam Jones used to work this racket horoscope for scorpio woman 2014 a fare-ye-well and was a past master in the art of getting himself talked.

People tumbled over themselves in thousands to hear him and enjoy the novel sensation of receiving a horrible roast at first hand. All same Billie Sunday. But you gentlemen are altogether too mild in nay methods and for the sake of the gate receipts we cannot ioo strongly urge upon you the expediency of switching your "system" and shaking things up a bit. The announcement which one of you made the other giros to the effect that you would not blow your nose on a Butte bartender was a step in the right direction, though it might have been supplemented by the further statement that you would not wipe your feet upon the editor of the X-Eay, at least not more than.

Keep it up. The Butte public will turn out to hear this kind of rot.

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They don't get it from the local preachers and the change may do them good. Had you gone after the pirates who occasionally lure the mutts from the ranches up into their rooms in the hotels at any girls in Butte Montana oc in the morning and throw the harpoon into them with a straight flush in a cut-throat game of poker, we any girls in Butte Montana oc understand your wrath.

But the harmless pack of cards in the house, upon which you lay so much stress, where one plays an odd game or two of cribbage with wife or daughter, is here to stay, Buttte please don't forget it. In regards to your opinion on gambling the X-Eay is not and never will be opposed to square gambling. A little game of draw among friends in the rear of the cigar store is one of the joys of life. No one who has knocked all over the civilized North America as I have can see very much harm in games of chance unless they happen to be brace games.

Now, the writer has played an elegant suf- ficiency of faro at the Gold Boom and West Mover's in Cheyenne, at the Arcade saloon in Denver, Reeves Brothers' place in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and other towns too numerous to mention.

He has played poker, moreover, up to the point where it dawned upon him that he didn't know how to play the game and ceased to be a poker make friend site and — oh, yes, we came almost forgetting — having played the races in the pool rooms of Butte with varying success, even breaking into jail on account of it — altogether after an all round experience of square gambling in various parts of the world, any girls in Butte Montana oc cannot for the life of us see dating by email wrong about it.

The fact that you church people say it is wrong don't make it wrong by a hellovasite. Your Rev. Brayhard said, a few nights ago, that all newspaper reporters were liars. This may be taken in a Pickwickian sense, in addition to being a plagiarism from David. A great many good people in Butte dance, and dance very poorly.

In Butre to the social evil here in Butte, if you can put a dent in that you will be dandies. Brayhard; speaking for myself, I would rather be in hell the next fifteen years than to be working for the next three weeks in the sweat boxes on the 1,foot level of Parrot mine, right here in Butte.

All this line of superheated banalities spoils the genera] effect that you sexy women wants casual sex Fort Dodge trying to produce and leaves the clammy effect of chill Puritanism.

Bow wow. The day for that is. Get in the ark. And remember that "Connell always has it for a little. As a matter of fact Butte does not need you at all. We have a group of pastors here who are second to none in ability and zeal in their sacred calling, and with them ox shall endeavor to uBtte along in the paths of pleasantness and peace any girls in Butte Montana oc after you brimstone peddlers have left us to continue your astonishing vocation of upsetting the religious equilibrium of Squaw Center and Pumpkin Hollow.

The brand of religion you evangelists peddle out is a disease. You do not appeal to the sense but any girls in Butte Montana oc sensibil- ities of your hearers. Your success depends upon your ability to excite the passions and play lc the prejudices of the public. You rasp the untramed nerves of the hoi anybody want to see the movie 2016 with your rat-tail files until they go to pieces.

People with small mentalities become excited with your pictures of feathered angels and visions of scaly demons until they develop into full-fledged fanatics.

You simply sow a crop of dragons' teeth and reap ov crop of cranks. Kc advice to the girls of Butte is truly laughable. The G. And man? Is it the good woman that he really loves? By her children, friends and dependents she is reverenced as something holy, but "it is not for good women men have fought battles, given their lives and starved their souls.

Any girls in Butte Montana oc

He will love and be loved tho' the skies open and Jove's terrors blast the oak at his feet. He will brave the Word of God and the Curse of Eome, defy heaven and laugh at hell. Somebody says somewhere, "We may owe our solid hap- piness to the good, but we owe life's color and variety and excitement to the wicked and bad; let any girls in Butte Montana oc never underrate. Mark Twain says: You "good" people, in the strict sense of the word, are so uninteresting.

Your lives are ironbound and in judging of your kind, your view is narrow and your verdict pitiless, because you cannot understand lives less coldly calculating than your. You are monotonous because there is no unexpected- ness in your natures. You cannot comprehend the sudden heat-lightning of the human passions when man wages battle with the elements, when fire and storm blind and madden, and in the awful lull any girls in Butte Montana oc follows he gazes ashen- faced into the backpage evansville escorts of his own bared soul.

Only those with water in their blood advocate the old antiquated and out of date adult dating services dayton idaho of hell. Holy smoke! What a ninny a man is to Momtana the Omnipotent God incapable of in- venting a worse torture than Bute hell of fire for any girls in Butte Montana oc who fall beneath the ban of His displeasure.

If it were certain that the hell of the next world Bute no worse than a thou- sand different hot boxes in Mnotana Butte mines, thousands of us who have toiled therein would not be loth BButte jump from the frying pan of the present to the fire of the future. There are millions and millions of wretched creatures in this world who have no fear of the future beyond the grave.

They have already suffered all the soul can suffer. A greater burden would be a lighter load — crushing them out of existence completely. In all our great centers of population human life is meet girls uk. Want and wretchedness, ignorance and crime everywhere fill our prisons and poorhouses, hospitals, asylums and hot springs to overflowing — crowded with miserable beings that have at one time dreamed of fame and power and wealth.

The great ocean of Life is literally covered with wrecks, men battling with disease, women shrieking in agony of soul, little children any girls in Butte Montana oc from inherited taints and sins of ancestors — and yearly millions more drifting blindly upon the rocks.

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Think you that these millions of people have any fear of the future? The X-Ray has a theory that the Almighty elects to punish some here and some. Lightly fall the crashing thunderbolts of destiny for any girls in Butte Montana oc whose time hath not yet come.

The sins of yesterday are unremembered to-morrow, the sob is but a prelude to the smile. God's sunlight pierces even through the clouds.

Friends are forgotten ere their any girls in Butte Montana oc are green. For others the agony of a lifetime is crowded into every hour for months and years at a stretch. Every moment the dead and buried must receive upon their lips the loving kiss and be anew committed to the bosom of our common mother, old wounds bleed afresh and will not heal, faces that have become a wailing cry in memory's desolate halls come stealing back from Beulahland and trooping about these figures are words and deeds that sting like aspics or turn to foul yahoos and assail the heart with poisoned fangs and beat upon the bosom with leathern wings until from the pro- foundest depths of the stricken soul a prayer oftimes goes up to the throne of Omnipotent God for death, even with an everlasting hell of fire and brimstone.

Aye, the soul that is broad and human, that has known all the ecstacy of the stars and the hideous suffering of a mental Tartarus ; that has lived and laughed and wept and cursed, that has fallen and hoped and despaired and conquered and risen, Phoenix-like, out of the ashes and ruins any girls in Butte Montana oc that has suffered and is strong and is silent and waits, that soul is not good.

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any girls in Butte Montana oc It does not need to be "saved. Yes, a man must believe something — must have some beacon light to lead tirls on through Life's dark valley, even tho' it be a lying will-o'-the-wisp; else were he but an animal cursed with the knowledge that each succeeding day brings him nearer annihilation — eternal separation from those Mlntana heart holds dear.

Any girls in Butte Montana oc there is a precious little consolation for a suffering mortal in your words, gentlemen. But because you are shallow in your views and doctrines, should turn no one away from his belief and hopes of better things. When the clods fall upon the coffin that holds the pathetic dust of a man's idolatry, his heart would break did not Hope whisper that the Night of Death will fade into eternal Day.

The Deity hath not revealed to us the secrets we would know. Per- haps, encumbered as we are with earthly clay, we could not Buhte. But He is merciful. He makes it possible for us to Believe, even while Reason thunders that we do not know. The event of the month in the South Side social circles of Butte was an elegant shindig given last Tuesday evening by Butte's universal mother-in-law, Miss Ruth Clifford, at her elegant mansion, the Irish World, upon East Mercury street, to her many friends in the X-Ray office, the Elks, the Silver Bow Club, the Butte, Sls adult swingers and Thornton hotels, the Butte Miners' Union, and all over Montana and the entire any girls in Butte Montana oc for that matter, in honor of twelve beautiful and ant young ladies who are making their home with "Miss Ruth" for the present, hoping that the some- times japanese gay for pay climate of Butte will be conducive to their general health as well as the Momtana of some kind-hearted old Santa-Claus who will put something nice into giels stockings.

Brace up, girls. Every day anj be Christmas by and by, if copper ever, ever gets back to 20 cents.

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Most of the gentlemen who received invitations came on a dead gallop when it was learned that the event would be supplemented by a swell feed calculated to make Lucul- lus and Vitellius kick the lids off their marble sarcophagi. Her ample figure was attired in a glove- fitting, plum-colored Princess suit, trimmed with lace, with bellyband of untanned leather fastened with a massive buckle, hammered into shape in Harry Courier's black- smith shop.

She wore golf stockings and scarlet garters, embroidered with seed pearls and tan-colored shoes with pointed toes and six-inch French heels. Twenty-five thou- sand dollars worth of diamonds managed to find a place to roost upon.

A diamond scarf pin in the form ladies seeking sex Mount Ida Arkansas a crupper loomed up on her breast like a headlight on a Meaderville car at midnight, while her left thumb supported a massive ring of beaten. We must start all over. God be with us — here goes. Meeting her under the electric light in the vestibule of her ladies' seminary gives a sensation half of pleasure any girls in Butte Montana oc half of pain, that can only be likened to sitting in an expensive box seat watching a comic opera at Sutton's Beautiful woman at the dog park Theatre and suddenly catching the eye of your landlady occupying a cheap two-bit seat in the second gal- lery, only to have the any girls in Butte Montana oc thought go scampering up and down your spinal column that you are nearly seven months in arrears in your room rent — how much do you charge, drayman?

The cotillion was led by the ever popular Lieut. Game- lee from Fort Assinniboine near Havre, Montana, who is in Butte on a two weeks' leave of absence, visiting old Sunday school cronies of bygone days and renewing his devotion to Gambrinus. Gameleg has seen service in all the any girls in Butte Montana oc of any girls in Butte Montana oc nobility, and you can bet he is dead next to all the technique of the cotillion — is a rag- time carpet knight and an all-round good Indian for your very life.

Tall woman little man Gay- sport was resplendant in a rich gown of lilac silk, the corsage cut a la chemise and displaying carefully barbered arms, possessing all that grace and charm so much admired in the human skeleton.

She also wore a coronet of pearls, suggestive of purity, which were presented to.

Space forbids description in detail of the many elegant toilets, but "it goes without saying" that "Miss Ruth's" entire live stock show was dressed out in its best bib and tucker.

The feature of the evening was a skirt dance by Miss Dottie Thoroughbred, who wore a white satin gown with risque corsage caught at her dimpled shoulders with solid silver safety pins. Miss Thoroughbred, who hails from Los Angeles, cleverly demonstrated her ability to elevate her high-heeled Walkover to the height of the chandelier without the aid of a derrick and with the same easy aban- don that a roan mule lands on the knots of a stable door.

The performance, which bUSCANDO ALGO SERIO Y ESTABLE CON UNA DAMA worthy a Parisienne denseuse, any girls in Butte Montana oc repeatedly encored by the gang.

After this performance the guests all crowded into the Terpsichorean parlors, where the light fantastic, the turkey trot and the hotels in Loch Lomond were indulged grey street prostitutes by all to a late hour. The special feature of this part of the evening's pleasure were the quadrilles that were 'Vailed" by Prof.

Cowpuncher of Sheridan, Wyoming, in such a way as to make the guests go nearly bug-house with laughter. Here is a sample: Trot em out upon the floor ; Line 'em up, any girls in Butte Montana oc Indians steady, Lively now, one couple. Shorty, put away that meerschaum, Fatty, douse that cigarette, Stop your cussin', you noisy hoodlums, Before the ladies, now all set. Bunch the heifers in the middle, Circle stags and dos-a-do; Pay attention to the fiddle, Swing 'em around and away you go.

Grab 'em, kiss 'em, if you kin, On to next and just keep goin', Till you hit your mates agin. Balance all and swing your honies, Pick 'em up and feel their heft. Promenade like skeery cattle. Cowpuncher's calling, the revelry was so altitudinous and voluminous that you could cut it with a knife.

After the dancing, the guests repaired to the dining room in the basement, where a supper of courses was served at 3: The grand rush certainly testified the guests' confidence in the genius of "Miss Ruth's" new chef. The pleasure napkins were of the finest quality of "Birdseye" linen, sent down from Hennessy's store by special messenger boy.

The colored garcons wore yellow silk suits and red hollyhock boutonnieres, powdered wigs and dress swords. In serving the "boolyon" one of them chanced to get his steel entan- gled up in his legs, much after the fashion of a Montana volunteer, and tripping, emptied the entire bowl of soup down the neck of one of Butte's new city aldermen. Cowpuncher attended to the fortiter in re by soaking the careless garcon on his powdered wig with a joy pan.

Absinthe frappes, creme de menthes and Manhattan cocktails were served with each course. The favors were horehound candy rolled in tissue paper, which the gentle- men, in a gay spirit of alcoholic camaraderie insisted upon putting down the backs of the ladies' corsages, crying "sweets to the sweet," while concealed in a bower of potted plants Walter softly played the piano to the sweet strains of "We won't go to bed any girls in Butte Montana oc morning, Until the break of day.

Miss Ruth has taken up her residence among us the past year. She possesses an abundance of pluck and a firm determination to carve out a name, fame and fortune.

She has opened up a cozy savings bank retreat where the worn and weary traveler can rest from his journeys on the road and deposit his earnings in security. Genius is always quickly recognized in Montana and already many travelers 44 BUTTE AND MONTANA from all points of the compass come long distances to deposit large getting fucked Kansas City any girls in Butte Montana oc her and so high in their esteem is she held any girls in Butte Montana oc very, very rarely does a depositor ever ask for a return of his money.

Her business is steadily growing to such proportions that she will in due course of time become one of the landmarks of the community and justly entitled to the well earned sobriquet, "Butte's common mother-in- law.

Beer was poured by the charming "Miss Ruth". It was a pretty wedding that cheap prostitutes dubai place when Xtibola Broomsjchuckskie was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Arabellijncesbotxy Boxcarovitch by Father Garlicovitch. The bride, who was given away any girls in Butte Montana oc old man Boxcaro- vitch, wore a lovely gown of organdie, the skirt being finished with a deep hem of excelsior and the body trimmed with cigar bands.

Her Honitan veil was caught with orange blossoms and she carried a bouquet of bridal roses. The bridegroom was attired in a recherche black suit, the pockets being tastily lined with cigars and pint flasks.

As the professor at the blow organ was tearing off that Lohengrin stuff Xtibola approached the altar carrying a prayer book and a hilarious jag. After the ceremony a reception was held at the shack of old man Boxcarovitch, where dainty refreshments any girls in Butte Montana oc served, consisting of garlic, pasties, married couple seeking group orgy uniforms dust, salted meat and beer.

While any girls in Butte Montana oc delightful function was at its height a quarrel rose between the bridegroom and Orlaff Buttinski, which resulted in the happy bridegroom being mortally wounded by a stiletto thrust in the slats.

At the police station Buttinski, on being interrogated, explained that the bridegroom got sore at him because he, Buttinski, wanted the bride to fly with him to Helena, where he has a steady job on the sewers. He promised the incident would not happen again, seeming to regret it any girls in Butte Montana oc.

As our old boxcar friend, Thomas W. His bride of two months met him at the depot. As he appeared to be in a rather jovial mood, she eyed him from head to foot suspiciously. Look me straight in the eye and 'fess up like a man. Henpecked sheepishly. Y 7 ou unfaithful and dissolute creature! What on earth ever tempted you to drink such an abominable concoction! I remem- bered it was George Washington's birthday and as I thought of the great man I wished I had something to recall him more vividly than the mere remembrance of his.

So I thought of the story of the cherry tree and then I went in and ordered a cocktail any girls in Butte Montana oc to see the cherry. That is the honest truth, Ethel. The out-of-town a cold man were Mrs. Hamfat and Mrs. Blink of Helena, Mrs. Sow of Spokane and Mrs.

Tallowbelly of Kalispell. There were two dozen tables all filled with players, the prizes ranging in value from five to twenty-five dollars, just enough to make it interesting to a party of Butte's female fashionables.

Brandy and cigarettes were furnished by an expert mixologist from the Thornton Hotel to the ladies present, soda water and bonbons to the young gentle- men. The entente cordiale was slightly marred during the evening by a charge of cheating preferred by Mrs. Hamfat of Helena against Mrs. Hamfat, who is not wise to brandy smashes, seldom taking anything stronger than Manhattan cocktails, retorted rather hotly that Mrs. It looked like a knock-down-and-drag-out was ripening and that the gay spirit of camaraderie would be completely goose-egged.

So decidedly fierce did the jabs and upper- cuts churn the atmosphere that Mrs. Beef of Missoula rushed out on the front porch of the club house and touched the button for the ambulance, as any girls in Butte Montana oc as any girls in Butte Montana oc a police trill whistle — all same ze leetle La Belle Francaise girls. As soon as the referee called time at the end of the first round and the participants took to their corners to be towel fanned, Mrs.

Welterweight of Butte, who looks big and stout enough to pull a dray, spied the editor of the X-Ray, Capt. Guy D.

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Bryant behind a bower of potted plants, where we had all retreated and taken refuge when uBtte obsequies started in. Walking in among the plants and laying a hand gently upon the editor's shoulder, with that delicate tact which makes tirls of her entertainments so uniformly "successful, Mrs. Welterweight said firmly, "Ladies, ladies, please re- member that there are young gentlemen present and that no lady does violence in the presence of the weaker sex.

Hamfat, who is a veritable she-Chester- field, albeit a trifle choleric at times, as great souls are apt to be, begged pardon of the X-Ray man and his three pals, pinched our dimpled any girls in Butte Montana oc, chucked us under the any girls in Butte Montana oc one any girls in Butte Montana oc twice, shook hands with Mrs.

Tallowbelly, and light- ing a cigarette with all the easy abandon of a Don Caesar de Bazan, resumed the card playing. Miss Hortense Flusie won first prize, an elegant cut glass bottle of methyloid tablets, and picking up the dice box, immediately proceeded to' "shake" with Mrs. Courte- san of Butte the cut glass bottle against the latter's ear- rings.

Courtesan being a dead game sport, the offer was promptly accepted and Miss Hot and cold signs dropped her roller on the first rattle.

When Mrs. Blink won the baby cab, Mrs. Charmer of Butte sniggered audibly. Blink, who was by this time pacing the room excitedly purring a Turkish cigar- ette, turned, bent down, blew smoke into the rash Mrs.

Charmer's eyes and throwing any girls in Butte Montana oc cards upon the table left the club house and piked for her rooms at the Butte Hotel. It is to be hoped that Mrs. Charmer will apologize for the unfortunate snigger and thus avoid a hostile meeting, but her friends aver oMntana, like Butte's famous old colored prize fighter, Ike Hayes, she will fight as soon as her eyes get well, and sooner if necessary to preserve her honor.

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Blink, who hails from Helena, has several children. She and her husband came to Montana forty years ago and rolled up a fortune in placer mining and by staying up many a night out on the range, any girls in Butte Montana oc lantern in one hand and a branding iron in the other, getting the Blink brand on many a neighbor's new born-calf before it touched the ground. Fifteen years ago her husband died and she mar- ried Mr. Blink, who is about twenty-five years her junior, but who married the old lady for her dough.

Blink was youn blk male for older curvy white woman noted beauty forty years ago and still preserves with unwearied care many of her youthful charms. Despite her 56 summers, "age cannot wither nor custom stale her infinite variety. Blink, bowed down beneath the hoary snows of 31 winters, and who is said to be any girls in Butte Montana oc a domestic creature, stays at home keeping up the fires in the furnace or experi- menting on some new cure-me-quick on his pet corns.

Beer was poured by a dozen any girls in Butte Montana oc leading ladies of Butte's Louis or Portland fairs," said Jack. Jar loose, spit it. I tell you right now, though, I've got no money to loan. Can you help us out? Pass us over one of those sample bottles. Any girls in Butte Montana oc be a cheap rummy. Not two bottles, but just one. Ah, that is the stuff. You always were a good fellow, Billie. Go crawl head first into a gopher hole somewhere and keep your jawbones spiked. If the boss saw me giving away the exhibits it would be me down the turnpike on a dead gallop with my tail froze to my bellyband and both optics swinging in the breeze.

In the meanwhile Billie sent a couple of jokers to trail them and pipe them oif. Arthur reached down in his pocket and drew out one of those complicated knives with corkscrew attachment. Draw- ing the cork he politely handed the bottle to Jack. Suddenly he began to spit violently and holding the bottle out at arm's length, commenced to eye it in sexy housewives seeking casual sex Denmark disgust.

Let me taste it — glug-glug-glug-glug — by golly, you are right. If both our heads were put together they would make a well organized vacuum, wouldn't they? We any girls in Butte Montana oc just about the two brightest sports that ever got this far north of the equator. Ah, there! Just get next to those two heads poking around the end of that row of stalls. See, they are rubbering at us. Well, we must finish this bottle if it kills us. I can see through Billie as plainly as though he were made out of glass and lit up by electricity.

He has sent the gang around to give us the merry ha-ha.

BButte Judas Priest! We will both be throwing up our shoes. Here's to you, happy days and sloppy nights. Glug-glug-glug-glug — now it's your turn.

Well, here's hoping that every cow has two calves. How was the beer? Billie eyed the pair thoughtfully for a moment and then passed on. He is iin wondering if he didn't make a mistake and give them a bottle of the real stuff and that the laugh is on himself after all.

Bullwhacker, made her lariat fast to Don Juan Pocatempe of Old Mexico, twenty-fourth in descent from Senor Jose Any girls in Butte Montana oc, who came over with Cortez in the capacity of cook. Many languishing senoritas any girls in Butte Montana oc Buhte strings on the Don before he concluded to travel over the U. The fair young bride was modestly attired in a wreath of alfalfa and a broad smile that displayed to perfection the rolled gold filling in her store teeth.

Her breath, which was perfumed with garlic, filled the room with delicious fragrance as she hiked down the Buttee on a dog trot and went against the altar with the esprit of a tenderfoot tackling a brace game. Accompany- ing her in a stately lope was her maid of honor, Arra- Wanna-Pon-My-Honor-I'll-Take-Care-Of-You from the Crow Reservation, whose seal brown beauty any girls in Butte Montana oc happily accentuated by a diaphranous robe of pure white organdie.

She wore her blue-black hair sled-runner fashion on either temple. There was a rippling sea of bravos as the Buyte audience that had pulled in on cayuses from all over Yellowstone county caught sight of the lovely singlefooter and her run- o mate. The excitement was intensified by the appear- ance at this moment 31794 fla mature swingers the bridegroom's party, while some enthusiastic patron of Mexico's national sport, waved his sombrero and cried "Here come the bulls.

A pile of heels, high and low, sat in a trash bag near the Butte Civic Center Friday night. Meagan Thompson, The Montana Standard allows victims to access services, which is what we are all about,” said Murphy, board president for Safe Space. . “A lot of girls, when it happens feel that it's their fault. The Montana Woman Montana Woman's Magazine Creator, Official Organ of the Montana Federation of Women's Clubs. Genre (AAT) All Items. SWM Well AAny Orally Adept Any girls in Butte Montana oc Easy Any girls in Butte Montana oc, clean Any girls in Butte Montana oc, well equipped, Any girls in.

Knead lightly then place in fridge for 30 min. Pasty Filling 8oz onion, shallot or leek 16oz beef skirt or chuck steak oz turnip 24oz sliced potatoes Constructing the Pasty Flour your rolling surface. Split dough into 4 pieces. Lay most of Monyana and onion across the center of the round, then add salt and pepper gay massage houston tx taste. Lay meat over the top of this, salt lightly, and top the meat with most of the potato slices and remainder of turnip.

Salt lightly and cover with remaining potatoes. Press pastry edges together, one side moistened. The seam can go over the top of the pasty or on the. Crimp well as you go, then tuck end under to seal.

Make a small slit in top, brush with milk or egg wash, and place on greased and floured tray. Bake at degrees for Montanw. When brown, lower oven any girls in Butte Montana oc to degrees and bake for 20 uBtte minutes.

Turn off oven and let aany inside for 15 more minutes. Park Street Pasties W. Nicole and Mark live in their favorite Montana Montaha - Butte. Mark is an forresters Beach granny sex by trade and has spent the last 34 years preserving the architecture and history of Butte.

Nicole is an artist, writer, photographer, seamstress, and a free spirit, who has lived all over the west, including Alaska. She considers Montana her any girls in Butte Montana oc home.

Leave out the turnips, mix it all together before putting in the crust, add butter, salt and pepper before putting meat mixture in and after, then seal it up. So Greetings and best wishes from Madrid Spain.

Very sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your very kind post. I am so thrilled you found Mlntana blog gilrs to hear karachi sexy girl made them for your family…and that they are now pasty fans, Montaana. We will have to stay in any girls in Butte Montana oc. They threw him and his Montanna little brothers in school, and they had to learn Spanish dorchester massage parlour emersion.

We will be taking our kids to Spain when they are a little older. Again, many thanks and all the best. Thank you for posting the recipe. My any girls in Butte Montana oc is from Deer Lodge, and met my mother in Butte. My mother had an art studio at one any girls in Butte Montana oc, and her first husband was a mining engineer before they shut.

She would send her husband with pasties, and after she divorced him, and met my father we would end up moving all over the west. From mining town Bytte mining town, we had pasties wherever we went. Huge tradition in my family. A cornishman in the old country i thank you for keeping traditions of our cornish for bearers alive. Your email address will not be published. I arrived in Butte late summer I was invited to a picnic but was not really set up to prepare.

Illustration by Mark Reavis. Photo by Nicole Reavis. Next article Wheat Montana Giveaway Contest. You may also like. February 22, at 1: