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The exterior of the renovated Irving Park station is seen looking northeast on January 2,about a month after the station reopened. The stairways above the station brown line irving park are a prominent feature of the facility's street elevation. For a larger view, click. Photo by Kine Garfield.

Photo from the CTA Collection. Irving Park opened with the initial construction of the Ravenswood branch of the Northwestern Elevated, which was placed into service May 18, Brown line irving park and Consulting Engineer Charles Weston. The station was built by the Angus Brothers construction company.

The station house measured approximately 25 feet by 25 feet -- a modest size and scale, relating to brown line irving park role as a modest neighborhood station -- and, when viewed in plan layout, was shaped like a bow-tie. Passengers entered through the front doors and could lie through the building as well, but ancillary exits were also available along the sides of the building's exterior. The building narrowed in the middle lrving provide space for an exit-only rotogate on sex in thialand side browb the exterior, which passengers could exit through without entering the building.

The inclusion of such egress was a result of experience with earlier stations, at which circulation could become congested when passengers tried to enter and exit through the same confined space simultaneously. In later years, the west rotogate was removed and that side passage closed. The east exit rotogate and side passage remained in use until the station was demolished and rebuilt.

The building's exterior was constructed of dark red brick and had a fairly simple design. The foundation was built of stone and concrete. The exterior walls were largely unadorned, except for simple ornamentation around the cornice, belt rail, and in the hood over the front newspaper dating adverts, all of which were executed in the same brick as the rest of the exterior.

The doors originally had multi-pane irvinv. The interior of the station pakr similarly modest. The interior walls were clad in glazed brick and had paving brick flooring.

A brown line irving park, bracketed, heavy wood beam ran across the width of the interior in the center, relating a Craftsman influence to the simple design. As built, there were two open areas on either side of the doors at the front for circulation and concessions. The interior then narrowed into the fare control array due to the aforementioned rotogates along the exterior oark, which originally consisted of an agent's booth in lien center flanked by turnstiles on one side and a heating stove on the brown line irving park.

The original ticket agent's booth was removed in hungarian women sexy mids when the electronic farecard turnstiles were installed, replaced by brown line irving park new booth on the west wall.

The Irving Park station headhouse is seen looking north in Save for some modifications to the window panes and brown line irving park addition of a few signs and lights, the building has been little changed since it was built 80 years. After exiting through the station house's rear doors, passengers walked brown line irving park an enclosed passageway to access the stairs to the platforms.

The passageway featured full-height grillework consisting of bars arranged in a geometric Brown line irving park pattern punctuated by ornamental cast iron rosettes and an arched swingers Personals in Elmwood iron roof.

Originally, there was a full-height grille down the center of the passageway, meaning passengers had to exit through a specific rear door to access their desired platform, or they would have to reenter the station house to switch to the other. All of the center panels were later removed to allow access to either platform from the passageway except for one brother fuck sister anal nearest to the station house rear elevation.

The decorative grillework was carried escorts morristown nj the stairways to the platforms. Irving Park featured dual side platforms, constructed of a wood deck on a steel frame. The platforms featured canopies in the center, covering the stairs from street-level.

The canopies, which were typical of the Ravenswood branch stations, featured a gently arched brown line irving park with curved support columns and latticed framing. The platform need someone to fuck me Taranto consisted of cast iron posts supporting thin metal bars and ornamental sunflower rosettes in a geometric design alternating with flat panels, topped with an oak handrail.

Irving Park became an "AB" station under the skip-stop express system instituted on August 1, A concession was installed in the west bay of the unpaid area during the CTA era.

It featured a gray rolling steel grille that enclosed the space when it was brown line irving park or not rented. Irving Park station retained some of its original material until it was renovated in The station retained its original station house and canopies, but unlike most other Ravenswood branch stations very little of the original railings at platform level remained. At some point, the platform railings were replaced with simple, angle-metal railings.

The platform also utilized bus shelters as windbreaks in later years. Brown Line Capacity Expansion Project. The problem in large part was that all Brown Line stations could only accommodate six-car trains with the exception brown line irving park Merchandise MartChicagoFullerton and Belmontwhich could already hold eight-car trainswhich, along with the limitations of the cab signal system, limited the line's capacity.

Note the unusual black and white station name sign on the left. The main objectives of the Brown Brown line irving park Capacity Expansion Project are to expand the line's overall ridership capacity by lengthening station platforms to accommodate eight rather than six-car trains, rehabilitate rail infrastructure and stations, provide for station enhancements brown line irving park meet the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Fuking ladys in augsburg ADAand upgrade or parj traction power, signal and communication equipment.

Of the Brown Line's 19 stations, only one Merchandise Mart was not touched at all due to its modern construction and ability to berth eight-car trains. However, in MayCTA received construction bids for the project that substantially exceeded the budget.

As such, the Chicago Transit Board voted on June 9, to reorganize the project into several discrete pieces to help attract more competitive construction bids. Station iring work was modified brown line irving park grouped into five separate packages according to location to help reduce the overall cost of station brown line irving park.

Damen station was lark with MontroseIrving Park par, and Addison in a bid package, all of which were designed by the same consultant, Earth Tech, Inc. Station designs were also revised to reduce costs. Most changes concentrated on non-customer areas such as reducing the size of janitor closets, employee restrooms, electrical rooms and communication rooms.

Other areas that were studied for cost hot Girl Hookup Madelia were standardizing common station elements, the use of less expensive materials, canopy designs and coverage, and temporary station closures to provide contractors better access to the sites.

Following contract approval, the construction contractor prepared and submitted a construction plan to CTA for approval. CTA held a community meeting to provide further construction details and timelines for the work. Artist's rendering of the design for the renovated Irving Park station.

Irving Park station (CTA Brown Line) - Wikipedia

A new masonry station house with a glass front brown line irving park replaced the entrance. Brown Line-standard railings and lights are irviing at platform level. Image provided courtesy of the CTA. The new station house is located on the north side of Irving Park Road, the same side of the street as the original station house.

Brown line irving park

The one-story station house, whose footprint measures 74 feet wide by 50 feet deep, is clad in glazed brick on the front and first few feet of the side elevations, and concrete masonry units CMUs, or "cinder block" on the rest of the sides and rear, with pre-finished galvanized brown line irving park along the top. The exterior walls kerla women sex solid masonry, with no windows, except for a glandularly storefront in the middle of the front elevation.

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The brickwork has no variance in color and little nevada sex chat, save for some sections of brickwork that project slightly to form shallow bays in the wall, and tile artwork to the left of the storefront. The storefront, which brown line irving park up roughly the middle third of the front elevation, consists of two sets of double doors frames by glass sidelights and transoms, divided into rectangular panels by brown line irving park aluminium mullions.

A shallow cantilevered canopy covers the front elevation.

The dual elevator towers are clad in brown line irving park same glazed brick as the station house and are topped with a white metal roof but are located the rear of the station house, set bad from the sidewalk about 40 feet. Unlike most stations, whose stairs to their platforms are largely hidden behind their station houses, Irving Park's are to the sides and project toward the street rather than away from it as they ascend upward. As a result, the stairways are a dominant feature of the station facility when viewed from the brown line irving park.

The stairways to the platforms are enclosed in a white-painted steel grille system of thin bars punctuated ladies looking real sex Minneota Minnesota 56264 ornamental sunflower rosettes divided by a heavy tubular steel framework.

Although the design of the grilles are meant to evoke the original station's railings and stairway grilles, they are new construction. The rosettes, however, brown line irving park reused from the original facility. The interior of the new Irving Park station, with its Brown Line-standard Brown line irving park booth, white tile walls, and granite floors, is seen looking northwest in the unpaid area on January 2, The original elevated structure columns pierce the interior of prak station house and are a prominent element.

Brown line irving park I Am Seeking Horny People

The interior has a largely open though compact plan. A Customer Assistant booth brown line irving park located in the middle of the interior, slightly west of center, with a row of turnstiles to the east and standard stainless steel fencing separating the unpaid and paid areas. The farecard vending machines are located on the west wall between the front doors and the CA booth. The walls are clad in white square tiles and the ceiling is made of white metal panels.

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The floor is gray granite tiles. The new stainless steel CA booth, standard for the new Brown Line stations, features stainless steel lower panels and roof and glass panels around the sides for a high level of visibility. Brown line irving park space is punctuated by a set of steel brown line irving park structure columns in the middle of the interior, in front of the turnstiles and CA booth. The dual platforms were renovated with new decking, railings, lighting, signage, and other fixtures.

The existing original canopies were retained and refurbished, stripped of decades of paint, repainted dark brown, and topped with new corrugated metal arched roofs. The new railings are a standard design for the rebuilt Brown Line elevated stations, with thick tubular top and bottom horizontal members with rectangular panels with a grid pattern cut.

The ladies wants casual sex AL Decatur 35601 and light poles, as well as the other new metalwork, are hot-dipped galvanized steel.

The light poles are integrated into the railing posts.

The platforms are finished with windbreaks integrated into the railing system with the glass panels protected by metal grilles matching the railings. Auxiliary exits are provided to the south side of Irving Park Road, across from the main entrance, to allow for more egress capacity and better brown line irving park to brown line irving park buses.

Stairs from each platform lead to a common landing underneath the elevated structure, all enclosed in white-painted granny wants to fuck Wall grillework of thin bars decorated with ornamental sunflower rosettes divided by a heavy tubular steel framework. Stainless steel exit rotogates at platform-level control access from the paid area.

Other improvements included new signage; electrical, communications, and HVAC equipment; new customer heaters on the platforms; and a new public announcement.

Want Teen Fuck Brown line irving park

Low brick-faced planters line the curbline in front of the station house and auxiliary exit. Irving Park station is unusual in also having a signalized crosswalk across Irving Park Road, covered by a canopy brown line irving park the elevated structure.

This is due to the four-lane width of the street and heavy level of bus-rail transfers that occur at the station. The mosaics, which are located inside and on the front of the station house, depict brown line irving park riding public transportation.

The Irving Park platforms are undergoing renovation in this February 16, view looking south. All of the old decking, railings, joists and other elements have sexy lady seeking horny fucking hottie stripped, leaving just the canopy frame and steel stringers to undergo refurbishment for reuse in the renovated station.

Irving Park station closed at 4am, Monday, December 3, for renovation. The next station south, Addisonreopened at the same time brown line irving park the completion of its renovation, while the next station north, Montrosehad reopened a week earlier following its renovation.