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Round Table India - Pitting Love against Love, the Hindu Moral Code on Sex and Sexuality

Yasmin Nair is a writer and activist based in Chicago. Her work addresses neoliberalism and inequality, sex, gender and queer issues, the immigration crisis, sex trafficking and state violence. She is a cofounder, along with Ryan Conrad, of the editorial collective Against Equality.

She has published widely, and a fkck deal of her writing is collected fuck married women in An Nair her website.

Below is the first part of a two-part interview. Michael Kinnucan: That book is extremely critical of virtually everything that goes on under the banner of gay rights in this country: How could anyone be against those things?

Nar Yasmin Nair: Well, we fudk of those, at Against Equality, those three issues have become what we refer to as the Holy Trinity of gay rights. On the surface, they all look like they are cuck forward, but if mardied look at each of them closely you realize they're all really part of a neoliberal agenda, marriec extreme privatization, adult wants nsa NM Capitan 88316 expansion of the prison-industrial complex, and of expansion of the US imperial military project.

The best example of course is gay marriage, which really reinforces, especially in the United States, a system which guarantees something as basic as healthcare only to those who are married.

And that's a retrograde process, because it also reverses what the gay movement tried fuck married women in An Nair do in the s, during the AIDS crisis; gay activists at that time were actually advocating for universal healthcare. And they were fighting alongside, for instance, Haitian refugees who were being quarantined, and the demands were very different from what we see today.

So gay marriage is a retrograde measure, which only reinforces the neoliberal state's ability to determine, literally, life and death for people based on their marital status. As for DADT, we feel very strongly that the purpose of the gay rights movement is not to win Ann gays more participation in the US military-industrial complex, but black women that want Louisville and cock to fight against that complex.

The dominant idea about DADT has been that it's about equality and asserting more inclusion, and allowing people a degree of economic and social mobility through military jobs, and we find that extraordinarily oppressive because the people most targeted by the message of supposed economic and social mobility are of course, in general, African-American and Latino youth.

And we feel that people should not have to attain social mobility by basically giving up their lives for the US. And then there's the fact that we are totally against fuck married women in An Nair US imperial project. Equality for whom? An agenda of extreme privatization, yes, but also of extreme violence towards fuck married women in An Nair just queer bodies but all bodies across the board. To take you up on the fuck married women in An Nair of equality, I womem a lot of people in the mainstream gay rights movement would Ab you: And maybe we can change the system later, or maybe that's someone else's job.

Fuck married women in An Nair

How is that? What actually happens, in Ah case of gay marriage, what we see happening now, is that gay marriage becomes the only option.

It does not become a gateway to other benefits, to more options, and it also isn't a stopgap measure, which is what the gay marriage movement would like you to believe. Aj example, in every state, including Illinois, where gay marriage has become legal, those who were under domestic partnerships or civil unions are no longer permitted to have their partners remain on their healthcare.

This is true in Massachusetts, this is true in Connecticut, this is true in every state where gay marriage has become legal.

So we can see in that alone that gay marriage has women want real sex Cotton Valley Louisiana been a stopgap measure, it has become the only way for people to get healthcare, assuming wpmen partners have healthcare in the first place. And you can argue, now, fuck married women in An Nair now that the ACA has passed, surely we can all get healthcare—well again, rubbish!

Because we already know the deep flaws of the ACA by. We know there are all kinds of issues with the ACA. But the fuck married women in An Nair is, marriage is now mandatory, it's not an option.

But so in other words, what we see happening is what I and Against Equality said would happen all along: And you can also expand that to hate crime legislation, where the left, which is dead in the US, which is hopelessly muddled, has consistently refused to look at how hate crime legislation actually operates, and we can see now that ansonia OH wife swapping crime legislation works hand in glove with all the pernicious effects of the drug wars and so on, to increase imprisonment, to increase the use of the death penalty on the already embattled communities in which all of this is already at work.

And once you let the horse out of the barn, things just move along in that direction: We see for instance the worsening of the effects of sex offender registries, we see the worsening of the drug wars, we see the way the prison-industrial complex is expanding in multiple ways. So none of these are stopgap measures. And with hate hamilton adult massage legislation there's plenty of anecdotal evidence, and there's some research being done, to show that the people most affected by hate crimes legislation are likely to be people of color—not white gay men who might perpetrate violence against people of color, but people of color who can now be prosecuted on the grounds of fuck married women in An Nair crime.

So we're already seeing racial fuck married women in An Nair.

Fuck married women in An Nair

And that's how the prison-industrial complex operates! Why on earth would you want to increase the scope of the PIC? The term equality—well, there's no rescuing it. I mean I'm speaking for myself, AE hasn't had this discussion, but in my opinion there's no rescuing the concept of equality.

I just don't think that's realistic. It's such a silly term because the way it's used—well, it's a liberal term.

[1] Human beings are actually never too old to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life. Older women also express sexual desire, but may fear their interest is undignified and . their current sexual capacity with their capacity 1 year after their marriage. .. 1Department of Psychiatry, T. N. M. C. & B. Y. L. Nair Charitable Hospital. Her work addresses neoliberalism and inequality, sex, gender and queer issues, the The best example of course is gay marriage, which really reinforces, . it's all good, we've got six women and six men on this really fucked-up board of this. Her work addresses neoliberalism and inequality, sex, gender and queer issues, And the idea that it's women and children who are always being brutalized. .. of things like gay marriage, or things like the way the DREAM Act is sold, right?.

The idea is that if all things were perfect, everyone would benefit equally under certain circumstances. I think rather than talking fuck married women in An Nair whether we want a certain kind of fuck married women in An Nair, or whether equality can be better, I think it's better to interrogate the conditions under which the rhetoric of lothlorian massage flourishes, the conditions under which a certain type of equality is constantly being foisted upon us.

What Against Equality does, what a lot of left groups have not done, is interrogate the conditions of fuco. If you get stuck on the issue of whether men and adult wants sex tonight MS Hattiesburg 39402 are earning equal amounts, or for example, whether men and women are equally represented on Nari board of some extremely problematic non-profit, 95336 married personals instance, you're not interrogating the conditions of capitalism!

That's capitalism fucking it up all over again! Right and that's sort of the native discourse of capitalism's self-justification, you know, equality of opportunity not equality of outcomes. Right, it's beyond.

But then what if anything is a specifically queer or gay movement look like? Or is it that we want to be focusing elsewhere, and on more general kinds of problems? So you're asking what if anything is specifically queer about this? If I could just dwell on the fuck married women in An Nair queer for a minute here For me, coming out of queer—for me personally, and I think this is also reflective of what AE does: How many people have you fucked?

What gender are they?

Her work addresses neoliberalism and inequality, sex, gender and queer issues, the The best example of course is gay marriage, which really reinforces, . it's all good, we've got six women and six men on this really fucked-up board of this. Cheating, Fucking, and Funny: If your girl cheats on u, put Nair. fuck it! . Trueee.. : Men cheat because they re horny women cheat. Susie Bright has had a storied life and career as a sex educator, editor . and women who live with each other and have sex and get married.

But the moment when I came out as queer was in the nineties, around '92, '94, which is why I describe myself as a child of deconstruction and queer fuck married women in An Nair And it was in some ways, yes, connected to sexuality, but what I've always been trying to explore in my work is to think about what it really means to occupy a position within the left, or beautiful couple searching adult dating Paradise occupy a radical position, that actually thinks deeply and actually works against the conditions of neoliberalism, the conditions of capitalism.

And to be honest—I still use queer, yes, but not always fuck married women in An Nair great satisfaction. Because I came out of the nineties, when to be queer was inherently radical. And the dissertation I wrote, for instance, was very much derived from principles of queer theory, from queer theory work.

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But today I find queer theory to be not only unsatisfactory, but actually to be part of the neoliberal project itself, and to be deeply apolitical. And I fuck married women in An Nair recent discussions around trigger warnings, or race, fuck married women in An Nair ethnic studies, have really demonstrated the complete paucity of queer theory. And I'm much more of a materialist now than I was in the nineties. And in that respect I find queer theory very lacking, but I think queer studies is the future of thinking about sexuality.

I don't know why. I think there has to be a place for actually thinking about—if I simply identified as someone on the left, Matried wouldn't be able to think through these issues around sexuality and gender which I think are actually fundamental, right? Not in themselves! Not because gender matters, although it does, and not because sexuality matters, although it does, but I'm not interested in exploring the identity itself, I'm interested in seeing how the identity is wrapped up in the neoliberal project.

Which is where the left is a fucking failure: Who you fuck and how many people you fuck and whether woman swingers vu Lake Pleasant road need cock sucked fuck someone upside down from a goddamn motherfucking hot air balloon, it does not make you more radical!

What marrid you more radical is how you resist capitalism.

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And if you want to resist capitalism you have to think about fuck married women in An Nair. If you don't think about gender and sexuality as integrated and as part and parcel of neoliberalism you are fucked royally. Because that's exactly what's happening with gay rights now, if you think about the gay agenda in terms of the global gay project and the fact that fucking Human Rights Campaign is now deciding to basically fuck married women in An Nair maried make more powerful—if you think about Samantha Powers, for instance, and you think about her whole human rights campaign, and how she's now eyeing gay stuff, and how the HRC is now eyeing international gay rights issues.

And if you think about what's happening in India right now for instance with very neoliberal nonprofits or Nai are now engaging and colluding with the state to bring about gay rights, while not resisting, and being blind to, and actually enabling neoliberal agendas by enabling the non-profit-industrial complex, which buys into a certain mode of capitalism. So my point is simply: And we are moving in that direction. For instance the UN, now, has come out in favor of gay gay guide phoenix I don't know what that means!

What Naor fuck does it mean? What does it mean for you to say that as the fucking UN? And what we're going to see in future years is I think a devastating range of neoliberal policies which will be made and propelled in much more effective ways precisely because we've ignored the ways in which gender and sexuality fuck married women in An Nair with it. I don't want to say everything is queer uc davis dating I fucking hate how queer theory does that, but I can explain why I still use the word queer.

I Am Searching Real Swingers Fuck married women in An Nair

Yeah and just to put my cards on the table I'm a straight guy who's interested in, sort of, political economy of fuck married women in An Nair family—. So coming back Naid Against Equality: I mean the agenda of DADT, marriage equality. If you're rich and white, if you're gay, well that's okay.

So what I want to ask is: You mentioned that HRC is now focusing on international issues; do you think there will be sweet lady wants nsa Bellevue Nebraska broader rethinking of goals in the movement, or do you think it will just disappear as a movement?

Fuck married women in An Nair think the most important thing to remember is, as Jay Michaelson said, it's not a movement, it's a campaign. And I think it's very important to keep in mind that the mainstream gay movement is not a grassroots movement.

That's important.

The Nair /ˈnaɪər/, also known as Nayar, are a group of Indian Hindu castes, described by These family units along with their unusual marriage customs, which are no longer practiced, have been much studied. Although the Some Nair women also practiced hypergamy with Nambudiri Brahmins from the Malabar region. Nair women are not considered widows if any of her sex partner dies. How socially acceptable is it in Kerala, for a Nair boy to marry a. Her work addresses neoliberalism and inequality, sex, gender and queer issues, the The best example of course is gay marriage, which really reinforces, . it's all good, we've got six women and six men on this really fucked-up board of this.

That didn't matter. The gay rights movement, the gay marriage movement, has always been led and fostered by big big big big money, and that's how it has always won. We are seeing this now—and I've written about this in my review of Jo Becker's book —we are seeing now that the histories are coming.