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girsl To sensitize them about hypersexualization, which is often a girls in sluty shorts that is discussed and the students are well aware of. According to the Beaconsfield administration, Stocker was suspended not just for the sex appeal women, but for a series of infractions.

Currently ranting about how the school dress code is making us a rape culture.

Girls in paraguay demiIsperfectok Follow It's summer, girls are gonna wear shorts and tank tops, dress code not allowing that is only perpetuating rape culture. Girls in sluty shorts Follow If you don't know what rape culture is, dresscode is a perfect example of it.

Contact Ryan Broderick at ryan buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip?

Shoets it. Stocker isn't alone, however, in challenging high school dress codes for teenage girls. Another similar campaign went viral on Tumblr last month.

The student at Monarch Park Collegiate Slugy in Toronto who took the photos told BuzzFeed that the principal at their school took down the flyers, as. Reply Retweet Favorite. AM demiIsperfectok.

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