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Gwadloup is an archipelago forming an overseas region of France in guadeloupe women Caribbean. Like the other gadeloupe departments, it is an integral part of France. As a constituent territory of the European Union and the Eurozonethe euro is its official currency and any European Union citizen is free to settle and work there indefinitely.

As an overseas department, however, it is not part of the Guadeloupe women Area. The official language is French ; Antillean Creole is also spoken. The islands are locally known as Gwada. The guadeloupe women were first populated by indigenous peoples of the Americaspossibly as far back as BC. Christopher Columbus was the first European wommen see Guadeloupe, landing in November and giving guadeloupe women its current. This led to the death of many Caribs by disease and violence.

The economy expanded quickly, creating vast wealth guadeloupe women the European colonists. The French Revolution brought chaos to Guadeloupe. Under new revolutionary law free people of colour were entitled to lady looking real sex AR Royal 71968 rights.

Guadeloupe women advantage of the anarchic political situation, Britain invaded Guadeloupe into which the French responded by sending guadeloupe women soldiers led by Victor Hugueswho retook the lands and abolished slavery.

In the Treaty of Vienna definitively acknowledged French control of Guadeloupe. Slavery was abolished in the French Empire in Tensions arose in the post-war era over the social structure of Guadeloupe and its guwdeloupe with mainland France.

An independence movement grew in the s, prompting France guadeloupe women declare Guadeloupe a French region in Greater autonomy was granted to Lonely wife looking sex tonight Rock Hill in In Januarylabour unions and others known as the Liyannaj Kont Pwofitasyon went on strike for more pay.

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President Nicolas Sarkozy later visited the island, promising reform. Guadeloupe is an archipelago of more than 12 islands, as well as islets and rocks situated where the northeastern Caribbean Guadelooupe meets the western Atlantic Ocean. More than half of Guadeloupe's land surface consists of the Les Saintes is an archipelago of eight islands of which two, Terre-de-Bas and Terre-de-Haut are inhabited. The landscape is similar to that guadeloupe women Gguadeloupe, guadeloupe women volcanic hills and irregular shoreline with deep bays.

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Basse-Terre is a volcanic island. Guadeloupe women of the islands were formed as a result of the subduction of oceanic crust of the Atlantic Plate under the Caribbean Plate in the Lesser Antilles subduction zone. This process is guwdeloupe and is responsible for volcanic and earthquake activity in the region.

Guadeloupe was formed from multiple volcanoes, of which only la Soufriere is not extinct. K—Ar dating indicates that the three northern massifs on Basse-Terre Island are 2. Sections of volcanoes collapsed and guadeloupe women within the guadelouepyears, after which the Sans Toucher volcano grew guadeloupe women sex in west palm beach collapsed area.

Volcanoes in the north of Guadeloupe women Island mainly produced andesite and basaltic andesite.

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Grande-Terre and Marie-Galante have basements probably composed of volcanic units of Eocene to Guadeloupe womenbut there are no visible outcrops.

On Grande-Terre, the overlying carbonate platform is metres. The islands are part of the Leeward Islandsso called because they are downwind of the prevailing trade windswhich blow out of guadeloupe women northeast. Haute-Terre is so named because it is on the eastern, or windward side, exposed to the Atlantic winds.

Basse-Terre is so named because it is on the leeward south-west side and sheltered from the winds. Guadeloupe has a tropical climate tempered by guadeloupe women influences and the Trade Winds. There are two seasons, the dry season called "Lent" from January guadeloupe women June, and the wet season called "winter", from July to December.

The island is vulnerable to hurricanes - among the storms to make landfall on the islands are: With fertile volcanic soils, heavy rainfall and a warm climate, vegetation on Basse-Terre is lush. Numerous mammal species live on the islands, notably raccoonsagouti and mongoose.

Guadeloupe recorded a population ofin the census. Being wealthier than many other islands guadeloupe women the region, Guadeloupe is a destination for migrants. The population of Guadeloupe has been stable recently, with a net increase of only people between the and censuses.

Inlife expectancy at birth was recorded guadeloupe women Medical centers in Guadeloupe include: The inhabitants of are French citizens with full political and legal rights. Legislative powers are guadeloupe women on the guadeloupe women departmental and regional guadeloupe women. The Regional Council of Guadeloupe is a body, elected every six years, consisting of a president asian girls want to fuck Canton Ary Chalus and eight vice-presidents.

The regional council oversees secondary educationguadeloupe women transportation, economic development, the environment, and some infrastructure, among other things.

Guadeloupe elects one deputy from one guadwloupe each of the firstsecondthirdand fourth constituencies to the National Assembly of France. Three senators are chosen for the Senate of France by guadeloupe women election.

Most of the French political parties are active in Guadeloupe. The prefecture guadeloupe women capital of Guadeloupe is Basse-Terre. Local services of the state administration are traditionally organised at guadeloupe women level, where the prefect represents the government.

guadeloupe women For the purposes of local government, Guadeloupe is divided into 32 communes. Revenues for the communes come from transfers from the French government, and local taxes.

Administrative responsibilities at this level include water management, acts of birth, marriage. As a part of France, Guadeloupe uses the French tricolour as its flag and La Marseillaise as its anthem. Indepentists also have their guadeloupe women flag which is very similar to the flag of Suriname.

The economy of Guadeloupe depends on tourism, agriculture, light industry and services. GDP - per capita: Tourism is the rate dating of the most prominent sources of income, with most visitors coming from France and Guadeloupe women America.

Of the various light industries, sugar and rum production, guadeloupe women energy, cementfurniture and clothing are the most prominent.

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Guadeloupe's official language is Frenchwhich is spoken by nearly all of the population. Traditionally stigmatised as the language of the Creole majority, attitudes have changed in recent decades.

In the early s to the mid s Guadeloupe saw the rise and fall of an at-times violent movement for greater guadeloupe women independence from France, [57] [58] and Creole was claimed as key to local cultural pride and unity. In the s, in guadeloupe women wake guadeloupe women the independence movement's demise, Creole retained its de-stigmatized status as a symbol of local culture, albeit without de jure support from the state and guadeloupe women being practiced with equal competence in all strata and age groups of society.

Today, the question as to whether French and Creole are stable in Guadeloupe, i.

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Guadeloupe has always had a rich literary output, guadeloupe women Guadeloupean author Saint-John Perse winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. Music and gyadeloupe are also very popular, and the interaction of African, French and Indian cultures [64] has given birth guadeloupe women some original new forms specific to the archipelago, most notably zouk music.

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Islanders enjoy many local dance styles guadeloupe women zouknew age girl deadeyecompasas well as the modern international genres such as hip hop.

Traditional Guadeloupean music includes biguinekadanscadence-lypso ,and gwo ka. Popular music artists and bands such as Experience 7Francky VincentKassav' which included Patrick St-Eloiand Gilles Floro embody the more traditional music styles of the guadeloupe women, whilst other musical artists guqdeloupe as Tom Frager who grew up in Guadeloupefocus on more international genres guadwloupe as guadeloupe women.

Another element of Guadeloupean culture is its dress. A few women particularly of the older generation wear a unique style of traditional dress, with many layers of guadeloupe women fabric, now only worn on special occasions. The guadeloupe women could be tied in guadelojpe "bat" style, or the "firefighter" style, as well as the "Guadeloupean woman".

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Basketball is also popular. The island has produced many top 10 teen dating sites fencers. According to olympic gold medalist guadeloupe women world champion Yannick Borel, there is a good fencing school and a culture of fencing in Guadeloupe.

Even though Guadeloupe guadeloupe women part of France, it has its own sports teams. Guwdeloupe union is a small but guadeloupe women guadeloupee sport in Guadeloupe. This nine-stage, four-day event attracts competitors from around the world mostly Caribbeans, Americans, and Europeans. The Karujet, generally made up of seven races around the island, has an established reputation as one of the most difficult championships in which to compete.

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The Route du Rhum is one of a dating site that is free most prominent nautical French sporting events, occurring every four years. Olympia contest, taking 3rd place every year from toand 2nd place in The country has guadeloupe women a passion for cycling.

It hosted the French Cycling Championships in and continues to host the Tour de Guadeloupe every year. Guadeloupe also continues to guadeloupe women the Orange Open de Guadeloupe tennis tournament since The guadeloupe women phase, scheduled for completion inwill extend the line to serve the university.

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Guadeloupe is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean; [69] nevertheless, it was the most violent overseas French department guadeloupe women The high level of unemployment caused violence and crime to rise especially in andthe years following a guadeloupe women worldwide recession.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overseas region and department in France. Overseas region and department. Hong Kong Observatory [40]. Main article: Demographics of Guadeloupe. Music of Martinique and Guadeloupe.