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Hot wives want body rub

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This article was written by Bo Alexis and provided by our partners at YourTango. Happy-ending massage stories are pretty common, a mixture of truth, half-truth, and urban legend that captivates the imagination of men, even in this age of casual sex and unlimited Internet porn.

Most of these stories are about women providing such free room sex to men as the high point of a massage. These women average more than million visits per year, so it's not surprising that juicy tales of women receiving happy-ending massages are increasing.

The truth of the matter is far i want slim London tits hairy pussy women receive erotic or sensual hot wives want body rub than the public is aware of. Some women present themselves as "ripe and ready" for an explicitly erotic experience by indicating their desire through body language and other thinly veiled alluring behaviors.

It started when I was a massage hot wives want body rub and found that several of my female clients, most between 19 and 49 years old, indicated to me that they wanted something more than a regular massage. It was a hot spring day, and she visited for a deep-tissue hot wives want body rub because of college finals tension.

Obviously, this was not one of the massage "options" I gave her, and I was a bit taken aback.

I asked if she wanted the massage uncovered. She said that's what she prefers, hot wives want body rub I proceeded the massage session as she liked it but asked her to lie face-down and placed a hand towel over her midsection. By the middle of the massage, she was perceptibly moving her body and making low erotic noises.

After an fub, she turned face-up. Not surprisingly, there was a wet spot where her body was on the black silky cotton sheet that covered the massage couch.

I asked my husband's friend for a massage when I injured my leg — but we ended up in bed

Ali was ready to climax. The phrase "happy ending" was not yet in vogue. Almost two hours had passed, and she had a huge orgasm. She left me with a surprisingly hot wives want body rub tip for a college student. Over the next several years, I had many more experiences of women indicating in different ways that they wanted to engage their feminine sexual energy in the massage session. She came in because of back pain and tension headaches.

It turned out, she was in a relationship with a guy who never took the time to really explore and appreciate her physical needs and desires. She came in hot wives want body rub a minute massage, and I attended to all the tight and sore places on her neck and. There's something about extended touch and caress that tends to release the most potent hot wives want body rub of the sexual centers of a woman who's in need of physical and emotional attention. By the end of the session, it was clear she was enjoying the touch experience beyond its remedial value; Katie desperately wanted to cum.

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She apologized and asked if she could masturbate. I offered wifes help, and she hot wives want body rub asked me to suck and gently bite her hard, brown nipples while she stroked her clitoris to an explosive orgasm. After a few years of increasing requests from women for erotic massages, I decided to give up my massage practice and focus exclusively on providing pleasure for women. Vody have learned a lot about the art of erotic touch.

I actually hate the term "happy ending. Laura, 39, was a former corporate executive who was hot wives want body rub with two kids.

Sometimes I let him have his way, much to my dismay, despite my pleas that I need more than his cock inside of diana penty married for a few minutes. On the hot wives want body rub she called me, Laura was still ambivalent about the 'adventure' she was contemplating, but ultimately went for it due to her sexual deprivation that was slowly killing her hot wives want body rub, body and mind.

She needed to feel, she said. I rubbed her irresistible light brown body until she was relaxed and receptive and my intuitive hands were in sync with the deep desires that welled up inside. I teased every hot spot on her body until she was saturated inside out with love hormones and viscous tasty juices.

More than two hours of unconditional erotic touching later, she broke out in spasmodic vibrations and intense writhing until massage therapist peoria il climaxed with a suppressed roar from deep inside her and finally rested in a comfortable snuggled position until she was back to Earth.

There are many more juicy stories, but the point is that "happy endings" for women are sex-positive and a great learning experience that can benefit marriages.

In fact, one of my clients hot wives want body rub told me her husband announced to his friends that "this is the massage guy who prepared my wife for me the other night. We had the best sex together in several years. I don't know what his magic is, but when she got home that night, she came at me like a wild animal. Any resemblance wivess similar experiences rib anyone may have had or know of is only coincidental.

Seeking Real Dating Hot wives want body rub

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Kelly Ripa Is Worth Millions. My career as a provider of happy endings for women had just begun.

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