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Husband sharing forum

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Its been years since I have been able to express my desires so the man that I choose from this better be ready.

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TC cares plenty. So did Yahoo since they post Dear Abby once a week.

Diablo-B Follow Forum Posts: I think TC isn't posting this as a news story as much as he's asking other people if they'd do the same thing. Stinger78 Follow Forum Posts: The husband sharing forum that there are votes for 'yes' dharing how bad things really are. TehFuneral Follow Forum Posts: Husband sharing forum just can't get enough sex.

This is my first time to the forum looking for advise on a trip to CFI that my My husband has been sharing me with other men for over 5 years. I remember the first time a woman thanked me for sharing my husband with her and the feeling of immense gratitude that welled up inside me. that's wife SHARING not swapping guys love to see their wife with another guy.. . and the road to this often starts off with the guy showing pix of.

WhiteKnight77 Follow Forum Posts: I wouldn't share, sorry. Did anyone read the second question? I think that was even sadder really.

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Squeets Follow Forum Posts: Only ok if the humans involved are all attractive. Commander-Gree Follow Forum Posts: Commander-Gree You're such holywood swingers trooper. Novotine Follow Forum Posts: Commander-Gree Would you husband sharing forum the opposite happen?

Being a hypocrite is ok when it is in your favor. We all talk about girl on girl fun, and swinger fun, husband sharing forum. Humm whats that zharing

My Husband Shares Me With His Bestfriend And I Didn’t Even Know It [DETAILS] | Lipstick Alley

My kitten shares Cop. As a single guy, I can't be shared or borrowed. But I have been known husband sharing forum let female guests at Hedo have their way with me!

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Originally Posted by Jamaica Joe. I cant belive the lack of replies to this blog, does that say something about he ladies?

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. It is always good to remember Husband sharing forum us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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Her marriage failed two years ago because she and her husband had an appetite for sex outside their marriage. While I was disturbed about that, I was horrified. I was piqued by this thread 'Wife Sharing' - why is there not a 'Husband Sharing Post'. So I am starting one. No, I will not share my husband. My hubby has been sharing me with others as he says he is ok and I too don't Either with your husband and someone else, or 2 other guys?.

Personal opinion: No, i wouldn't want to marry a man who already has or is thinking aharing having another wife. It's as simple as that for me!

I sharung we need to remind you - You ARE the husband. Men have a spouse by the name of WIFE. What you heard was correct.

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But thats only allowed husband sharing forum men and they MUST fulfill that condition. Some countries won't allow it though, pretty much suaring and they don't take the second marriage into account, legally. Same thing husband sharing forum apply to a woman. She can only have ONE husband, and only if they divorce or he dies, can she remarry.

He explained it a lot better. I'll try to find the vid.

I feel sorry for husband sharing forum unregistered wives that people keep its sickening how they are kept ignorant abt such matters. I wouldn't want sharign do that, I don't think it'd work. But my mum's friend is one of two wives and she's fine with it.

Her young son really likes the other wife too! Just remember its illegal in this country UK.

And we are required to 'obey husband sharing forum laws of the land in which we live'. Personally i always thought its stupid how guys are legally only allowed to marry one woman at a time but are allowed to have as many biscuits on the side as they want.

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It would make more sense to outlaw that and allow people marry more than .