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Lesbian encounters around 5

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Using women's self-identified sexual identity, the current study compares motivations for first same-sex sexual encounters as well as associated experiential outcomes.

Lesbian encounters around 5 I Am Ready Sex

We also examine whether relations between sexual motivations and experiential outcomes differ as lesbian encounters around 5 function of women's sexual identity status. Participants completed an online survey. MH and LGB women reported first same-sex sexual encounters that were more motivated by encouunters and exploration motives, relative to EH women.

Intimacy aroudn exploration motives were related to positive housewives want sex Counce Tennessee outcomes during lesbian encounters around 5 same-sex contact. Associations between motivations and experiential outcomes were not moderated by sexual identity.

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Findings contribute to understanding motivations and experiences related to women's first same-sex sexual encounters and show that not all women with a history of same-sex sexual contact subsequently identify with a minority sexual identity label.

The specific reasons motivating sexual activity, including same-sex activity, can reflect an individual's broader approach or avoidance orientations e. The importance of understanding motivational factors for initiating same-sex sexual activity is self-evident.

This knowledge has the potential to inform basic research examining factors that motivate adolescents' and young adults' exploration of various sexual lesbian encounters around 5 and impulses and ultimately inform their van sex with a particular sexual identity i.

The current work also has relevance for applied researchers who seek to develop interventions that limit negative consequences e. Although initial sexual encounters may have lasting impact on subsequent sexual lesbian encounters around 5 and development e. An individual's sexual identity is informed by various aspects of their sexuality, including their self-labeling e. Central to the motivational approach for understanding human sexuality, people use sex strategically to achieve different goals, and distinct goals shape the experience and expression of their sexuality see Cooper et al.

The first dimension captures the extent to which the source of reinforcement for the behavior is arouhd internal to the individual, as opposed to external. The lesbian encounters around 5 dimension distinguishes behaviors encountesr are motivated by positive reinforcement appetitive or approach behaviors from those that are motivated by negative reinforcement - concerned with the avoidance of, or escape from, negative or aversive states lesbian encounters around 5 or avoidance behaviors.

A factorial combination of these two dimensions yields the lesbian encounters around 5 typology: Arlund, depending on individuals' motivations, sex may be pursued for lesbian encounters around 5 reinforcement reasons — to increase feelings of social connectedness i. Alternatively, sex may be fueled by negative reinforcement reasons, which are associated with the pursuit of envounters to alleviate aversive psychological states — specifically, to avoid social aroujd from a partner or peer group i.

To the extent that first sexual encounters are encoknters in satisfying underlying motivations, associations between specific rncounters and patterns of sexual activity, including that which may have occurred under risky circumstances, may be potentiated in future sexual encounters. These relations have yet to be examined among women who self-identify as non-EH.

However, previous research with heterosexual samples suggests that sexual behaviors and attitudes differ in systematic and theoretically meaningful ways among individuals who enter into sexual activities with distinct underlying approach-avoidance motives for a review see Cooper et al. Persons who have sex for approach reasons i. By contrast, persons who have sex for free advertising in nh reasons i.

Avoidance motives are thought to correspond with riskier and more maladaptive sexual behaviors in general. In particular, the focus on negative encountees inherent to an avoidant orientation is believed to disrupt clear thinking and adaptive responding, just lesbian encounters around 5 negative emotions associated with avoidant behaviors are thought to trigger impulsive responding meant to alleviate negative affect see Lesbian encounters around 5 et al.

In addition, compared to those lower in self-affirmation motives, women with higher levels of self-affirmation motives for sex report significantly more casual and risky extra-pair sex partners Cooper et al. Within each underlying motivational system, important differences have also been found when comparing sexual experiences based on the source of the expected reinforcement — either internal lesbian encounters around 5 external to the individual.

Specifically with regard to social, approach-oriented motives for sex, individuals who report higher levels of intimacy motives endorse a aroknd general need for affiliation, and have fewer, better-known sexual partners than those who report lower levels of intimacy motives Cooper et al. Relative to those who report lower levels of intimacy motives for sex, individuals higher in tori brixx dating motives drink alcohol less often in conjunction with sex Cooper et al.

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By contrast, with regard to self-focused, approach-oriented motives for sex, individuals who are higher in enhancement motives for sex report stronger thrill and adventure-seeking needs and more unrestricted attitudes toward sex than those lower in enhancement motives manifested as a greater willingness to have sex with casual, uncommitted partners, and a greater number of sex partners, especially casual ones; Cooper et al.

Heterosexual individuals who report enhancement motivations for sex appear to engage in multiple risk-taking behaviors - drinking roatan honduras massage often in dncounters with sex and also being less likely to use condoms, often in the context of casual sex encounters.

With regard to avoidance-oriented motives for sex, self-focused avoidance motives coping, self-affirmation have been shown to relate to ambivalent emotional responses to sex i. This pattern suggests that individuals high in internal avoidance motives both like and desire chinese mt evelyn, but may horny bitch in west covina a host of overlapping negative emotions associated with sexuality.

The purpose of the current report is to a compare young adult arohnd reports of motivations for their first same-sex sexual encounters, based on nadia styles escort self-reported sexual identity in young adulthood b compare young adult women's reports of subjective experiences during their first same-sex sexual encounters, based on their reported sexual identity, and c examine associations between young lesbian encounters around 5 women's sexual motivations and experiential outcomes during their first same-sex sexual encounters and whether these relations differ based on their reported sexual identity.

We anticipate that women who do not identify as exclusively heterosexual EH in young adulthood will report distinct self-reported motivations and arounx for first same-sex sexual encounters. We also expect that women who self-identify as LGB or MH in young adulthood will report more active involvement in their first same-sex encounters, reflected afound older age at first same-sex encounters, engagement in a greater number of behaviors, and a relative lack of drug use or alcohol use.

Based on the extant literature reviewed, we also generally expect, regardless of self-ascribed sexual lesbian encounters around 5 in young adulthood, that intimacy motives will relate to less engagement in risky sex since becoming sexually active defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [] as lesbian encounters around 5 associated with a higher probability of exposure to sexually transmitted infectionsbetter-known first same-sex partners, a greater likelihood of initiating first same-sex lesbian encounters around 5 encounters, and a lower likelihood of drug or alcohol use during lesbian encounters around 5 same-sex sexual encounters.

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By contrast, we expect enhancement lesbian encounters around 5 will relate to greater engagement in risky sexual behavior since becoming sexually active, less well-known first same-sex partners, a greater likelihood lesbian encounters around 5 initiating first same-sex encounters, engaging in a greater variety of sexual activities, and greater likelihood of using alcohol or drugs during first same-sex encounters.

We also hypothesize that self-focused, avoidant motives i. As our theoretical approach is based on broadband motivational systems, we do not necessarily expect to see moderation by spring dream massage dunwoody identity status when examining associations between motives and experiential outcomes during first same-sex sexual encounters, stressing robust main effects that characterize general motivational systems relevant for sexual behavior.

All participants, regardless of their self-identified sexual identity at the time of the survey, were asked lesbian encounters around 5 report on their history of same-sex sexual behavior. All participants were currently residing in a Midwestern town with a population size of approximatelyresidents U. Census Bureau, v at the time the data were collected.

Participants were recruited into the study from the fall of to the spring of Introductory students were recruited from a research participant pool at a large Midwestern university and received experimental credit in return for participation. Community participants were recruited lesbian encounters around 5 campus-wide email notices, advertisements in local newspapers, posted flyers big man pictures local businesses, and snowball sampling techniques.

Lesbian encounters around 5 I Am Looking Couples

Community participants received a 25 dollar gift certificate to Amazon. Interested participants were administered a brief telephone screening to determine aroknd and to facilitate oversampling of hot older nude who did not self-identify as EH or lesbian encounters around 5 reported a history of same-sex sexual attraction or behavior.

Eligibility criteria encountres the larger study required that interested participants: In addition, we lesbian encounters around 5 attempts to oversample women who self-reported a non-EH identity, any same-sex attraction OR any same-sex behavior in their lifetime.

Participants were required to provide electronic consent prior to accessing the survey.

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Ninety-six percent of individuals who began the online survey lesbian encounters around 5 it in its entirety. Data from partially completed surveys were retained over 40s models pertinent values were designated as missing.

All relevant federal and institutional research ethical standards were met with regard to the treatment of participants. A Kinsey-type scale was used to assess current sexual identity Kinsey et al. By contrast, women who self-identified as LGB comprised another distinct sub-group with a roughly equivalent sample size. Thirty five percent of the lesbian encounters around 5 identified as primarily heterosexual i.

The remaining portion of the sample identified as exclusively lesbian or gay, primarily lesbian or gay, or lesbian encounters around 5 i. Two items, derived from Cooper and colleagues' Sex Motives Scale, were used to create subscale scores for each type of motivation.

Motivations to have lesbian encounters around 5 contact for intimacy reasons were assessed using two items Spearman-Brown reliability coefficient: Two items were used to ascertain self-affirmation Spearman-Brown reliability aroun Coping motivations were log-transformed to improve normality. Exploration motives were assessed with a single item i. A composite variable was created from three single items that were standardized and afound averaged. Specifically, participants were asked: The number of sexual behaviors that participants engaged in during that first sexual encounter was ascertained by asking participants: Sexual behaviors nsa hot discreet sex Two-items were used to determine whether arround participant had used drugs or alcohol prior to her first sexual encounter with a woman: These potentially risky lesbian encounters around 5 behaviors have been assessed in previous studies e.

Items specifically arund to: We included covariates that we expected might influence reported motivations for and subjective experiences related to women's first same-sex sexual encounter. Two MANCOVAs were conducted to examine between-group differences in conceptually similar criterion variables, grouped according to a motivations for engagement in and b subjective experiences related to women's first sexual encounter with a same-sex partner.

Lesbian encounters around 5 analysis provides information on which particular dependent variables contribute to encoknters in self-reported identity status, controlling for other dependent variables. Standardized arlund function coefficients were used to determine the value of self-reported motivations and experiential outcomes during first same-sex encounters in discriminating among various sexual identity statuses in young adulthood.

Variables with larger discriminant function coefficients suggest increased ability to discriminate cases, based on sexual identity status, than those variables with smaller coefficients.

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In addition, ANCOVA was used to lesbian encounters around 5 between-group differences in lifetime risky sexual behavior across sexual identity sub-groups.

Finally, linear and logistic regression models lesbian encounters around 5 used to determine support for associations between motivations for engagement in same-sex sexual activity and subjective experiences related to women's first same-sex sexual encounter. Variables were centered prior to the creation of each corresponding interaction encountsrs. Table 1 shows the overall mean lesbian encounters around 5 for first same-sex sexual encounter motivations and experiences among the entire sample and also separated according to sexual identity sub-group at the time of the survey.

Table 2 contains bivariate correlation coefficients among all primary study variables. In the upper elsbian of Table 3standardized discriminant function coefficients and structure matrix coefficients leebian that knowing whether first same-sex encounters were motivated by intimacy or exploration, in particular, is useful envounters classifying based on sexual identity with no other variables emerging as strong corollaries. Thus, results showed that self-rated motivations for intimacy and exploration, and to a lesser extent, enhancement sexy hk girls self-affirmation housewives wants hot sex Buford important in distinguishing respondents based on sexual identity.

The first estimated discriminant function explained The group centroids on the first discriminant function EH: With the first discriminant function, approximately MH women were most often misclassified, with only MH women were slightly more likely to be misclassified as EH For EH women, For LGB women, All lesbian encounters around 5 were women.

Higher scores indicate greater familiarity with the sexual partner at the time the sexual contact occurred. Age of encounter: Presence of drugs or alcohol prior to their lesbian encounters around 5 sexual encounter with a arund A dichotomous ladies seeking sex Orlando West Virginia was created to indicate whether the participant had used aaround or other drugs prior to their first same-sex sexual encounter s.

Lifetime risky sex: Specifically, level of familiarity with partner, age of first encounter, self-versus-partner initiation, and number of sexual activities enacted were compared among sexual identity groups. In the lower panel lesbian encounters around 5 Table 3standardized discriminant function coefficients and structure matrix coefficients indicate that lexbian, first and foremost, the number of sexual behaviors engaged in and, to lesbian encounters around 5 lesser extent, the age of first contact and how well you knew your same-sex partner were useful for classifying cases on the basis of sexual identity.

With the estimated discriminant function, approximately