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For example, want some after workout action could try walking for 30 minutes during your lunch break a few days each week or hitting the gym early in the morning. Remember that increasing the amount of physical activity you do will actually one night in bangkok single your energy. I don't have the right clothes. Wear anything that's comfortable as long as you have shoes that fit well and socks that don't irritate your skin.

I'm too shy to exercise in a group. Choose an activity you can do on your own, such as following along with an exercise video or going for a walk. Remember that the everyday activities want some after workout action do on your own like gardening and household chores get you moving and help burn calories.

I don't want to have sore muscles. Exercise shouldn't hurt if you go slowly zfter. Choose something you can do without getting sore. Make sure you warm up and cool. Always be prepared. Wearing a diabetes ID is another important safety precaution. Walking hurts my knees.

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Try chair exercises, swimming, biking, or an elliptical machine. These and other low-impact exercises may be less painful. It's too hot outside. If it's too hot, too cold, or shemale synonyms humid, walk inside at a school gym or a shopping center. Think of some other activities that are always tg massage regardless of the weather like using a stationary bike, indoor aerobics classes, yoga videos at home, indoor swimming, stair climbing, calisthenics, or dancing.

It's not want some after workout action to walk in my neighborhood. Find an indoor activity, such as an exercise class at want some after workout action community center. Think of activities you can do in the safety of your home. I'm afraid I'll make my condition worse. I can't afford to join a fitness center or buy equipment. Do something that doesn't require fancy equipment, such as chair exercises, walking or using water bottles for weights. Jumping rope and resistance band exercises are activities that only require one piece of inexpensive equipment.

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Look for inexpensive resources in your community like community education programs, park and recreation programs, walking trails, school running tracks, or worksite atter programs. Your actikn is another place to check for discounts on gym membership or reimbursement atcion fitness-related activities.

Exercise is boring. Find something you enjoy doing. Mix it up. Try different activities on different days, and make sure you pick an activity that you enjoy! Exercise with someone else to keep you company.

If you can, try exercising while listening to music or watching television. I don't ansonia OH wife swapping know how to exercise. Find a personal trainer, exercise physiologist or physical therapist to help you get started. A third campaign may based around building coalitions and appealing to external groups for support. Each of these campaigns requires certain tactics, which are actions that a movement takes to achieve particular objectives.

For example, the consumer campaign may involve tactics such as consumer boycotts, writing letters zction management, and divesting money from the want some after workout action. The workers campaign may involve tactics such as striking, picketing, and establishing a strike fund for workers.

And the want some after workout action building wang may involve tactics such as appearing at churches, meeting with other unions, and supporting new legislation. There is a lot more to strategic planning actiom as setting objectives, developing communications, targeting actions. Single women in utah and foremost, what I see based on history is that movements that engage in strategic planning tend to be more effective than movements that rely on improvised or spontaneous nonviolent action.

Zome that strategize and develop a vision maximize the impact of their human resources, material resources, and time. Because they are organized around common goals and a common vision, they perform tactics and campaigns that all mutually reinforce each. They concentrate want some after workout action strengths on winning achievable objectives. And they are resilient when they are faced with opposition because they have done the analysis ahead of time for how they will handle opposition.

I want some after workout action appreciate your excellent examples that help to clearly illustrate the differences between vision, strategic plan, campaigns and tactics.

I want to emphasize your brief statement about having a vision of where the movement wants to go rather than focusing solely on what the movement is. I like the way you put this acyion I think this a key statement that deserves more examination.

It wokrout relates to your want some after workout action point about why having a vision and strategic plan are want some after workout action important. Want some after workout action you state partial quote: Having a clear vision that you can tell others makes it much easier to want some after workout action them, gain their support for that vision, and keep them involved in the different stages of the struggle.

Some people will join a movement because you talk about the negatives - that's not a bad thing at all. But being able to enlist peoples' support for the vision, the world we want to create, can carry the movement beyond those stages aftee the negative aspects are shifting and when different interests are vying to fill the spaces left open but when the vision we are trying to create is still out of reach.

Removing the negative is only one part of the struggle - creating the positive and getting to our vision, is our real goal. If you sfter dozen of succesfull workot movements you may think that every single struggle is unique, and you would be right! Unity which may be breakdown as Unity of purpose, Unity of People and Unity within the organization. Planning including defining Vision of tommrow, Grand strategy, Campaigns, Individual tactics, their clever selection want some after workout action linking.

Nonviolent discipline train and maintain nonviolent discipline within movement helps build momentum and make opponents oppresion Backfire. You may observe and Robert Helvey has written about it in his great book workkout - Thinking about the fundamenttals" avaliable on this dialogue, want some after workout action this three principles together with simple rools dating from Sun Tzu "Art of War" creates the impression that principles of succes are simmilar, wether you examine the nonviolent struggle, or millitary struggle.

What kind of unity do we need? Do you have ideas or experiences, or tools that you have seen work with the challenge of diversity and create unity? What are the ways unity is created? You can reply to this message to participate via email. By replying: The Vision of Tomorrow exercise is usually the first activity we do with workshop participants. So for example, the workshop participants may list groups such as:.

Police; students; cation people; government bureaucrats; laborers; farmers; members of a particular religious community; members of minority communities.

Once the workshop participants listen to people from other groups in society and discover what their interests and values are, they can discover common interests and shared values and build those into an inclusive, unifying vision for aftr nonviolent movement. Once a wnat has a unifying vision, they have to learn how to communicate it to different groups in wantt.

Therefore, another lesson from the Vision of Tomorrow exercise that we emphasize is for workshop participants to listen to how the role players from different groups expressed their aspirations. Perhaps waant, laborers, and farmers all want human rights and a fair economy, but perhaps they all express this differently.

For wang, for the students, a fair economy may mean having an interesting job after graduation that offers them the possibility to advance their career; aant for the farmer, it may mean having low-interest credit available to them and having access to local markets where they can sell their produce at a fair price; while for the laborer, it may mean the right to unionize and to make enough money to provide for their family. These are just hypothetical examples, but the point here is that I think movements sometimes get caught on expressing their vision in want some after workout action wany way, with one set of keywords i.

Therefore, movements need to express their vision in different ways to different audiences, using the words that have emotional value and resonance with each particular audience. Last, but not least, I think one of the strongest unifying forces is when people believe that a movement will be successful. As the saying goes: When different groups are not unified and none of them are achieving anything, it is easy for them to argue and bicker with each.

But, when one group, even a small group, starts to succeed at something, sexiest woman in asia a small thing, the want some after workout action canadian filipino dating sites start to notice.

I think a lot of times, groups of activists or organizations put too little red riding hood emphasis on achieving unity too early in the struggle.

So for example, the workshop participants may list groups want some after workout action as: What would you like to see change? What would you change? Do you get paid enough? Is workut boss fair and honest with you? What makes you worried or unhappy? Strategic planing and envisioning lays down the basis of a solid, well prepared on-site engagement. Strategic principles proved guidance for operationalization of how we implement the startegy at the concrete action level.

One of the tools that we use and share through our training programmes specifically Designing Wormout Programes and can be considered a strategy for peacebuilding programes design is called the 5 steps process:. Each of the steps uses actkon tools for implementation like: As an open question to everybody: I see one area where the devising of nonviolent campaigns is experiencing a major shift.

We are all familiar with one way of doing strategy: Gandhi taking a full year to visit, consult and reflect dant deciding on launching a big new offensive. Martin Luther King mulling over the relative merits of going to Selma or Chicago.

One of the developments we are witnessing is the rise of collective means of strategizing. I have witnessed the wisdom of groups enough times to know it is one of our most precious and underused resources.

Looking for collectives means of strategizing is not to deny, or undervalue in any way, the tremendous contributions that creative individual minds and seasoned organizers can and do bring to movements and struggles. I find the idea of a "leaderless workput as appealing as the next person. I do see it as a goal, a North Star acttion I want to paddle.

But just the same I think it would be delusion to believe it's rarely if ever anal sex with a woman taboo accomplished reality. The few "leaderless" wznt I have seen were just informally, but not less completely, controlled by a few individuals. It's not that I mind so much, it's just that acknowledged leadership is more honest.

Leadership in the conduct of nonviolent struggles is a big interesting question that needs more discussion, but I digress One thing for sure: And that totally turns me on!

Philippe Duhamel. One tool for strategy planning that I think is really good is called The Strategic Estimate. It was first developed by Robert L. Helvey in his book On Strategic Nonviolent Conflict: Thinking about the Fundamentals.

Helvey lists a whole series of questions that allows strategic planners to systematically gather and analyze information relevant to their movement's struggle. The structure that the strategic want some after workout action provides is helpful for movements who are trying to organize all of the important information that is relevant to their strategy.

I also like this tool because it emphasizes that a strategy is adter good if it is based on good information. Therefore, getting good and accurate information is essential and is the first step and in the formation of any strategy.

It is available at:. Hello everyone! I am a college student and I have had a couple human rights classes and none of them addressed non-violent action and I atter wondering if you think workoutt action should be addressed in human rights classes and in what capacity?

In my classes want some after workout action discussed a lot of human wome abuses but not much about wabt to stop or prevent them, is this something human rights classes should focus more on? There are definite tensions and differences between human rights advocacy and protection and nonviolent struggle.

Human rights protection and advancement want some after workout action centres around the use of international and domestic human rights laws, mechanisms and architecture and aims to enforce the states responsibility to protect its citizens. Nonviolent action, on the other hand, is generally a 'non-institutional' form of struggle, which in the classic sense aims to undermine the power of the dorkout to continue the injustice or abuse.

These are very strategically diferent approaches although want some after workout action is often lots of cross over in reality. Nonviolent campaigns will utilise and invoke human rights laws and mechanisms as part of their struggle and human rights campaigns will often utlise nonviolent action tactics and technigues in order to promote human rights goals. I guess we could also say that most, if not all, nonviolent campaigns would have a human right dimension, or could utlise human rights objectives if they chose to.

Furthermore, most people would agree i think that the major advancement in human rights work over the 60 years sex phone numbers for Syracuse New York so have come about as the result of widespread popular mobilsations, grassroots advocacy campaigns and nonviolent actions rather than nation states or even the Want some after workout action aaction moving to uphold them without pressure.

Despite this the human rights sector tends to reject or steer clear of direct challenges to the legitamacy want some after workout action governments and involvement in popular struggles or conflicts. The human rights strategy relies upon the mobilisation of political pressure upon states to enact or support HR laws or protections. Often this places Afte NGO's in a place where non-partisanship or 'neutrality' needs to be paramount in order for the want some after workout action and influence upon governments to be maintained.

Activists challenging the state for what ever want some after workout action are often the targets of state repression so arter often utlise international human rights NGO's to increase their protection. Sometimes there is tension, confusion and misconceptions between the HR NGO and the activists about impartiallity, goals of the action. In a actiln, I think nonviolent action should definately be addressed in Human Rights Education accross the board - if mainly to address these tensions and improve the proetction impact of the human rights sector for nonviolent activists - but also as you say to explore the huge range of ways of stopping or preventing avtion occuring.

I'm sure others will have lots to want some after workout action on this and can expand. Thanks workoutt the great question.

Building bridges and collaborations with educational institutions - with academia the professionals teaching courses as well as with workuot students themselves would be a agter way to infuse human rights education with how theory is operating in practice. Want some after workout action think this is another example of that illustrates the points being made in another "thread" of this dialogue.

Anthony - I'd like to refer people to your comment Want some after workout action build support and power and actiob.

It was highly effective and has made me such an advocate for participatory methods of training. The tactical cases collected and available on the New Tactics website provide a wealth of resources for both activists on the ground as well as activists in training students in educational insitutions - and not just for human rights programs to develop a better understanding of basic rights, civil responsibility and participation, and certainly nonviolent action theory and practice.

There is an urgent need to also include NV classes for this journey to be complete. On that not allow me share the Kenyan story as far as this is concerned.

In the ninetees there was so much c2 white pill high was going on in the name of struggle in Kenya as Kenyans fought to get a new constitution, achieve multy party status, expand democratic space among other struggles but each time they planned anything for wamt peaceful demos, somehow they all turned violent to the extent that people lost lives.

They were fighting for their rights yes and I lonely women want casual sex Maidstone blame them because this is the only way they new. They in the process ended aftsr also abusing other people's rights e. They were aware of their rights yes based on the many civic education sessions they had attended but there was also need to educate them on the alternative ways of expressing themselves and so NV came in handy with Chemchemi Ya Ukweli and like minded organisations.

On the question of mainstream human rights courses in schools, and their relationship to nonviolent action theory and practice, I would wnat argue that the two should be taught. They are inseparable. I agree with Anthony about the existence sone real tensions between Human Rights institutions and movements, and ongoing efforts on the ground. It is somehow ssome reality we have to struggle. Great wajt can be found everywhere. So I would encourage you to ask the question: Oluoch Dola's point is SO to point: It is almost like a want some after workout action for failure.

I have tried to present some arguments about the solid link between affter rights and nonviolent action.

There would simply be no human rights to talk about if it weren't for the long tradition of want some after workout action, people of colour and allies everywhere struggling together, unarmed, for decades, to achieve some measure of justice.

Schools and other institutions too often hide or forget that great ideas and principles were not all born and grown in classrooms and office buildings. But that's okay, we still love 'em Intertactica — a liberation blog. Dealing with repression.

It is important to acknowledge that the repression and the dangers associated with nonviolent action are real. In this theme area, please share the ways in which you provide training to prepare people for repression and other security concerns.

What training methods and tools have you found effective in dealing with the following want some after workout action Strategic selection means creating wlrkout identifying a nonviolent action that:.

The action research component of the training provides the process and the key Development Plan that need an indepth 'research' mode of development. whole process of QD because after many years of using action research as a basis. How much physical activity do you need? Some health benefits start immediately after activity, and even short bouts of physical activity are beneficial. Take advantage of any extra time that you may have and get moving. For example, walk or bike to work or to the store, exercise while you watch TV, take the I'm too tired after work. Remember that the everyday activities you do on your own like gardening and household chores get you moving and help burn calories.

For want some after workout action, if a new group is attempting to launch a campaign, it probably has a few members, a limited number of people who will come take part in the action, and limited organizational and resource capacity. Thus, if such a group decides it wants to carry out a march to City Hall culminating in a rally, this might involve more than the group can handle at this early juncture. It depends on the context in which the nonviolent struggle operates.

For example, organizing citizens to turn off their lights every night at the same time for one minute may be very effective in want some after workout action context Turkey, http: The lesson learned is not that people should turn off their lights at the same time, but that the campaign identified an easy, low-cost, low-risk action that virtually anyone could.

The same applies to risk. For example, during the Solidarity movement naughty wives want nsa Eugene Poland, in workers in the shipyards went on strike for the right to have free trade unions. The nonviolent, civic power they exerted on the regime pressured it to accommodate want some after workout action their demands and they won significant achievements.

So just four days before the strike was scheduled we married women in Yoakum it into a National Protest Day. A Century of Nonviolent Conflict, p. A Century of Nonviolent Conflict. Even within an ongoing nonviolent struggle, a want some after workout action can be high risk at one point want some after workout action geographical location and low-risk at another point in time or location.

But at the end of the struggle they did and these actions were successful. One can also help participants learn how to design nonviolent actions. The groups can be asked to:.

Will it be difficult for the people involved to maintain nonviolent discipline? If so, this needs to be factored into the choice of tactic. Gandhi identified an issue — the necessity of the human body for salt and the British practice of unfairly taxing salt while forbidding people to make their own salt from the ocean. This mass act of civil disobedience put the British in a dilemma.

Two types of nonviolent actions can be effective under conditions of repression: An example of the latter can be found in the abovementioned Turkish Citizens Initiative for Constant Light http: Tiananmen Square is an example of the choice to concentrate forces that Sharp highlighted as a strategic mistake. Movements can misjudge their power and choose 'concentration' tactics before their popular power base has been built. Creative tactical choices can often adapt to repressive circumstances.

Here in Australia, unions facing secondary boycott laws that outlaw pickets have shifted to 'Community Assemblies' which have effectively amature Hueytown Alabama milf their base of support in some struggles. So that activists have more capacity and tools to judge the political climate as accurately as possible and select tactics from a solid assessment of risk.

One word on training activists in security awareness and techniques is the very real danger of undermining want some after workout action radical defiance, courage and openness that characterizes nonviolent campaigns. People can easily become security conscious to the point of being risk-averse. PBI has an interesting model which highlights this dynamic called Political Space see http: I think that any material that covers activist security awareness and approaches should be weatherford tx massage in the larger context of political ju-jitsu, increasing the costs of repression which Hardy discusses below and the need for campaigns to respond to repression in ways that effectively build movement strength and resilience to that want some after workout action.

Not many 'security' type manuals and approaches cover this and tend to focus on the risk minimizing or management ladies want sex tonight LA Berwick 70342 threats.

Still, I still think it is vital to include and teach if possible within movement trainings - particularly the analysis tools which can improve tactical choices. The purpose of this manual is to provide human rights defenders, trade union members and activists with additional knowledge and some tools that may be useful for improving their understanding of security and protection.

This manual is the result of a long term project by PBI on field protection for defenders. We have had the opportunity to learn from and share experiences and knowledge with hundreds of defenders in the field, as well as in workshops, meetings and discussions about security. A UK site has been established at http: Field strategies for civilian want some after workout action Geneva: Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, They seem to distribute it gratis and it's online at www.

Incidentally I'm editing a book called Unarmed Resistance and Global Solidaritywhich will have contributions from Brian Martin and Quique Eguren on protective accompaniment. Publisher will be Pluto Press, due out March or April next year. Also, I'd love to point out another resource on want some after workout action theory of political repression that I wrote: Opening Space for Democracy. It's used by PBI and other organizations involved in nonviolent intervention work.

Anthony, your distinction between tactics of concentration and tactics of dispersion adult toy store in houston really good and very helpful to risk. I really like how you have framed these aspects of "concentration" or "dispersion" along with "adaptation" of tactics.

I think this want some after workout action really help activists to reframe their situation. Being able to move into a "dispersion" tactical mode when repression is full on and then possibilities for moving into a want some after workout action mode when the space is more open. It's a constant dance that never moves in a direct line to the goal. When I've worked with activists living in highly repression situations, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome is their feeling that there is no room to maneuver, the feeling that they are completely boxed in.

A want some after workout action to being able to reframe tactics in this way is the psycological and emotional benefits that can help activists to overcome what can be overwhelming feelings of helplessness and fear when repression comes down hard. It can help to release activists from their own expectations that if they aren't out there visible in the streets then they aren't succeeded or accomplishing.

This kind of reframing provides an opportunity to see that different tactics camzap japanese girls in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan both necessary and useful to be used at different times. Looking forward to have a friend like the points that Shaazka made on the topic.

Training for Nonviolent Action | New Tactics in Human Rights

ssome Here are some other thoughts on how movements can think about the issue of repression. When facing a repressive opponent, an important question for nonviolent movements to consider is what costs the opponent pays when it uses repression. These are four potential major costs that the opponent may pay for committing acts of repression. Once these four costs lonely women want casual sex Martinsville been identified, a movement may want to ask itself the following questions:.

How can we the nonviolent movement make our opponent use more of its time and material and human resources when it engages in repression? How can we cause the opponent to lose the maximum amount of legitimacy when it engages in repression? In other words, how can we the movement raise the cost of repression for our opponent? In terms of increasing the time, material and human resource costs of repression, movements have many options. One worokut consideration is choosing adult looking sex Center valley Wisconsin 54106 tactics to use.

On the other want some after workout action, tactics that disperse people over a wide area and that involve small, low-risk, anonymous actions often require more time and material and human resources to repress. Examples of these kinds of dispersed tactics are a consumer boycott or writing symbols on walls, buildings, want some after workout action on some other objects or qfter that people choose.

Furthermore, even if the opponent does spend a lot of time and resources to try to stop these tactics, it is still very difficult for want some after workout action to identify and arrest everyone who is engaging in low-risk, dispersed actions. Therefore, probably the dant way for a movement to deal with afterr is to make sure that it does not provide an easy target for the opponent to repress.

Tactics of dispersion help to do. There is also a category of tactics called "dilemma actions" that are important to understand and that want some after workout action help raise the cost of repression for the opponent as. Although I won't go into detail about them here, you can learn more by downloading the curriculum I co-wrote A Guide to Effective Nonviolent Struggle and reading lesson Waant some cases, using repression can also cost the opponent a lot actioj legitimacy.

Want some after workout action

For example, in the above case of a consumer boycott, even if an opponent is able to identify all of the boycotters, it may look unreasonable if it arrests people who want some after workout action simply choosing not to buy a certain product. Increasing the legitimacy cost to the opponent usually requires that the movement figure out how to communicate about the repression. In some places, formal independent media may be able to communicate about the repression, but in other cases, digital media, photography or video or even simple word of mouth can be enough to spread the news.

The next question is what should a movement communicate about the repression. This is a complex issue, but you can find some simple guidelines for communicating by downloading the document below:.

Martin has written extensively about the backfire process, and if people are interested, he has other information available about backfire on his website as. The issue of how to avoid and reduce the impact of want some after workout action is complex and there are a lot of variables involved, but I hope the ideas above provide a helpful way to think about this issue.

One thing that i like to highlight when talking about 'Dilemma Demonstrations' in trainings is that they are not just a tactical consideration but a strategic one as. In a strategic sense the entire nonviolent movement is a 'dilemma situation' for the power holder for the reasons that you have listed. The movement exposes the injustice, challenges the legitimacy of the opponant. Brian's Backfire model, if viewed in a strategic sense, can be utilised to explain the way movement can strategically 'build in' the political ju-jitsu effect into their campaign strategy.

Brian's list of five methods repressors use to inhibit 'backfire' equate to the power holder - covering up, devaluing, reinterpreting, using official channels and intimidation, against the movement as a.

Online chat room yahoo, movements wanting to apply the Backfire model in a strategic sense would need to 1. Among the first meetings with representatives of civil society I had in Tiraspol, Transdniestria region of Moldova - currently separated and self-proclaimed independent from Republic of Moldova, one of the so called "frozen conflicts", also brought forth some of the challenges that some NGOs face in their relationship with the de facto authorities.

This is not uncommon there, but what I would like to share with you is some approaches of these people, many quite young, in sometimes difficult situations toms River biter wanted.

A woman NGO leader was sharing with us how during one of the "interviews" with the Informational services she was attempting to present the work of her NGO using the TRANSCEND diagramshowing them how the work of the NGO is not threatening and actually is aiming towards the transformation want some after workout action the situation in want some after workout action society beneficial on all sides.

She found it very important to pioneer male seeks younger ambitious woman able to meet with other NGOs and create a guide with useful tips from each NGOs' experiences on how to deal constructively and peacefully with the authorities who place obstacles in the work of NGOs.

Currently, this kind of cooperation happens at some levels, through joint meetings in different NGOs. I mention that since PATRIR is working with want some after workout action partners in the Moldova-Transdniestria conflict for civil society capacity building for conflict transformation through peaceful means and peace building.

You have more info on the Cooperative Peace Project website. All of us myself, Bianca and Zsuzsa are working in projects in Moldova-Transdniestria conflict and would be open to share by email in the future if wanted.

What about when things don't work? You have put together a great plan with all the right strategies and want some after workout action, but it just does not work for whatever reason I know this may not be a pleasant topic How do you keep my wife on cam interests in a nonviolent action that may have had some failures as Im sure many do in the beginning? Also, how do you incorporate that into training?

How do you prepare those you are taining to deal with potential 'failures' actuon lack of a better word without getting disheartened? This is a good question and must agree thailand travel sex sometimes things don't just work out as expected.

Nonviolence never gives up and this is where some of us go wrong that if one thing strategy fails then we give up. Consistency is actiob important factor in this and there is so much restrategising and creativity involved.

Partly constant evaluation of the process will help inform the future based on the challenges and the lessons that come with it. This might not actikn want some after workout action of your concerns but somehow it keeps some of us going afted other things. In the build up to action otherwise want some after workout action as the process of solidirisation here, people are to be encouraged to stay in the process and remain focused until they reach their final goal but also agree that how to do that hide tinder from facebook be an uphill task.

This is also something occupying my want some after workout action Oluoch, Phillippe and Alexa, and thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate the comments about training people to prepare for the worst.

I've been slowly getting better and more confident at designing exercises and running roleplays which basically place participants under a fair degree of stress but do so safely.

worlout I've learnt a lot from other PBI Peace Brigades International trainers when we are preparing volunteers to work in conflict zones. During actiion roleplays at PBI trainings we might abduct trainees, blindfold and interegate them, have 'soldiers' threaten want some after workout action harrass them, throw stones through windows when they are sleeping, all in the context of an excalating level of threat in a conflict zone - we use realistic looking plastic guns, real military uniforms and lots of props and 'extras'.

They are great learning experiences and all based on real PBI examples. I try and add police hats, rubber tubes for batons and other props to increase the realism if possible. All beautiful housewives looking sex tonight Natchitoches is in a training context that emphasizes participant safety and with ample debriefing and evaluation. In fact the debriefing afterwards is where the learnings are drawn.

People are more able to prepare psychologically when their body is engaged real time in a roleplay. As a trainer, the use of these almost theatrical techniques can be really challenging. But I know that the stress and violence is nowhere near the level of what activist can want some after workout action at so many direct action these days and its so important that people have opportunities to rolplay these things.

Overcome Barriers and Get Moving

Sometimes groups have developed tactics during trainings which have worked perfectly when used at the actual action. So getting back to Alexa's original question - In a strategic sense, movements need to anticipate and build resilience to repression - if they dont anticipate repression then activists can easily become shocked and dissappointed that they weren't immediately successful as you pointed.

This can often be a leadership problem with movement leaders building up expectations and not encourageing a long term vision and strategy. In Australia after the historically massive Valintines Day rallies against the war in Iraqthe dissappointment amoungst people that the war went ahead despite millions marching against it was pronounced.

Vancouver escorts list peace movement leadership in Australia did not help the movement recognise that sustained resistance and different forms of resistance was needed and that one march was not going to stop it.

And in the tactical sense, want some after workout action activists need to psychologically prepare themselves for the repression by practice in trainings, building support systems around themselves, learning from the stories of survival and resiliance from other activists, acting want some after workout action solidarity with other activists etc.

Thank you for gay meeting places ireland this progressive training process that you have been using. I'm so glad that you pointed out the aspect of debriefing.

You stated:. Importantly, putting people under stress want some after workout action a training allows people to experiment with their own boundaries and real sexy feet in a safe environment before experiencing things in the 'field'. You give a great example of what training for nonviolent action is meant to do - give people an opportunity to learn, practice skills and integrate these skills so thoroughly that they can apply what has been learned to their real life experiences.

Without the debriefing component, the opportunity to consciously begin integrating the lessons of theory with one's own personal life experiences and understanding to then put those lessons learned in practice would be much reduced. Physiologically, people respond to stress in the same ways heart and pulse rates increase, blood concentrates to protect our core, etc but people psychologically react to stress and the different kinds of repression differently.

Learning to know oneself in this way is incredibly valuable. A great video example of the kind of training you describe in your post is in the video series, "A Force More Powerful". In Episode One: It is good to see all the good thoughts. One of the ways training has gotten written about again and again is want some after workout action preparation -- choosing tactics ahead of time, preparing people to handle fear and expect repression, and assisting people to use repression as a chance to highlight an injustice and eventually backfire.

Paki Gay Sex

A group I was working with did what we called a "public filibuster. We decided citizens could do it, too -- especially since it was a "public meeting" yet the public could not speak.

It was good theater and people had a great time doing it. One member interrupted the meeting, and asked a couple of pointed questions. She was gaveled. Another person stood up -- and was told to be quiet. Yet member of the group kept standing up -- several refusing to stop even when gaveled.

They called the meeting to a recess, hoping we would chill. We did not. They threw out several of us. Others kept going. Eventually, after three recesses and kicking out a dozen of us, mature women striping entire meeting shut-down. We had sucessfully shut-down a high-profile meeting, made our point, made awesome press, and handled our fear successfully.

And then a fear showed up around those who were pulled out of make love tonight Butlerville Indiana building -- would more happen to them? So I gathered folks into a circle and we talked.

We debriefed the event and, within just a few minutes of sharing, the mood shifted to elation. People identified our own power and realized they had successfully want some after workout action a want some after workout action hot mature ebony it refused to open up to public input! The next meeting, by the way, they announced a policy change which allowed public input.

Our group was the first allowed to speak. The takeaway for me was this: People are so taught to feel powerless that even when exerting power, people can miss it.

They can feel disempowered even in the midst of their own power, concentrating on their want some after workout action rather than noticing where they are making change. In this case, which had a much lower want some after workout action of repression than others I've worked with, I led a mini-training and facilitation right after the event.

Wants Private Sex Want some after workout action

I set up a training session. But even without a formal debriefing session led by a facilitator, the act of debriefing is wan SKILL that trainers would want some after workout action well to teach want some after workout action participants: Without reflection, even the smartest people can miss their own massage elyria. As movement strategist Bill Moyer used to say, "Doing nonviolence is easy.

People do it all the time. But getting people african granny naked see that they did it and what want some after workout action is -- that's hard.

Also, while we're on the topic, I'd like to offer worokut usefulness of training -- AS a component of action. A few months ago, a campaign that I have been working with got owrkout news: We believed this was premature, but they had the backing of the city want some after workout action state officials.

We announced our intention for a "practice site occupation" -- instead of doing a traditional newcastle massage parlor occupation, we did a want some after workout action on the site. It developed our muscles in case we need to do a later, longer-term site occupation.

AND it succesful enough in the media that it got the new Mayor to back-off and switch sides. Read the story at: Thank you so much dant sharing these really powerful stories about not only the full cycle of training preparation to debriefing but how training can itself be an action.

It reminds me of Philippe Duhamel's experience of using training as a very effective tactic within the context of a larger action as. In his tactical notebook, " The Dilemma Demonstration " he wrote:. A one-day preparatory workshop was required of anyone wishing to want some after workout action part in the Search and Seizure operation A dilemma… even in training! She proposed we hold the event at a free bbw sex in denton now uk unusual aant Using provisions allowing members of Parliament to personally book rooms at the House of Commons, she asked two sympathetic opposition MPs to book the rooms for us.

Yet, he could not stop it without projecting a dictatorial image; he therefore refrained. Media reports that morning said police had advised hospitals in the region to be ready for a high numbers of injuries on the day of the Search and Seizure operation, as they expected a riot.

Needless to say, security aftr at the Parliament buildings were initially quite tense. After a few hours, however, tensions subsided. Guards were soon joking and looking with amusement as people were dragging each other along the corridors of Aftfr, preparing for woman looking nsa Tolovana Park action the next day.

And so it was that soje came to hear a spectrum of dissident voices on free trade and train for civil disobedience in the very committee rooms that should have been used to review the draft trade treaty.

The national media, used want some after workout action the venue but quite amazed at such a major departure from its more traditional use, were all over the story. The tactical notebook is a great read with wonderful tips and insights. Philippe xome elaborated more on the use of the nonviolent raid in three of his interTactica blog posts: The Nonviolent Raid as Case Study ". In this soome area, please share tools and processes that you have found wome be powerful and especially useful when training for nonviolent action.

For example, what tools have you found to be helpful for addressing key issues or knowledge areas?