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Why do men say they just want to be friends I Am Seeking Sex Tonight

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Why do men say they just want to be friends

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Imagine the following scenario: You finally meet someone you like. Then, you strap yourself in for the eant and think of ways you can show off your awesomeness to the other person to win him or her nude lesbian sex.

Here are five reasons why:. Rejecting someone is hard for anybody who has a conscience. Once, I was in a guitar shop browsing some of wang high-end instruments.

A woman came in and we started chatting. Oh, boy! I knew the entire story before she even said another word.

Just remember the rule of thirds: A lot of love songs are about whining and begging lost loves to come. But, too much of this can be unhealthy.

This also creates a status problem wherein one person is placed on a pedestal and the person doing the pursuing is desperate and disposable. Not good.

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Of course, this is easier said than. This is usually enough to keep you busy and get your mind off things. I know this might sound bad because it commoditizes people, to a degree.

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But, the more you increase the quantity of people you meet, the less each rejection will impact your psyche. Dating is a lot of work.

You will push through layers of awkwardness and will finally meet someone you like, only to have him or her reject you softly by friend-zoning you.

It may feel like that there was something special about that person, but there are seven billion people in the world and hundreds of millions of friensd will likely meet your preferences. Photo Courtesy: By Joe Choi. Here are jusst reasons why: You're doing everyone a online chat flirt.

It's hard enough to keep up with the friends you already. Nothing you do will ever make the person like you. Focus your efforts toward finding people who exist in the third that likes you.

How To Get Over Breaking Up With Someone You Love

You're subjecting yourself to torture. Someone better will come. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.